The ability to tweak everything (almost) on your iOS 7 device now extends to customizing the wallpaper on each of the homescreen pages. We've had a lot of Cydia tweaks do that in the past (Page+, ManyWall etc.). With springPage, this feature comes to iOS 7 devices.

springPage is a simple Cydia tweak that lets you customize the wallpaper for each of the homescreen/springboard page you have on your iPhone. If you have three pages, you can set three different wallpapers for each.

Set Different Wallpapers for Each Homescreen Page on iPhone

springPage doesn't affect any of the existing setup and since it exclusively deals with just the homescreen wallpaper, it won't conflict with any tweak that you have installed. All it does is give you the option of picking photos from the camera roll for the wallpapers.

But wait. There's a bit more to springPage than meets the eye.

springPage adds a couple of options to configure. The first one is the animation. You can either have no animation (the default iOS 7 behavior) or you can have a fade animation. This is applied to the wallpaper.

springPage will let you configure the wallpapers for 15 different homescreen pages. At the moment of writing this, 15 is the upper limit.

If you prefer high-end customization of every aspect of your iPhone, springPage is one tweak you must have on your list. What is particularly good about the tweak is that it takes just seconds to customize and set different wallpapers for all the homescreens. The preference interface is quite intuitive with some additional controls thrown in to customize the animation effects too.

Obviously, there will be some impact on the battery but it depends on how many homescreens you have and the animation intensity. But ultimately, this is the only way to set custom wallpapers for different homescreen pages on the iPhone right now.

springPage costs $1.99 and it's on the BigBoss repo.