In a little more than twenty-four hours from now, Apple will be holding its much-anticipated event releasing upgrades to its iPhone.

While all eyes are set on two important products – the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C – it goes without saying that there’s always an anxiety about any surprises that Apple might have in store.

We’re expecting no less than two iPhones obviously. One that replaces iPhone 5 in the market and two that makes iPhones more accessible to emerging markets like India and China.

septemer 10 event expectations

At a Glance:

  • Hardware: iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, [upgrades to Mac?], Mac Pro
  • Software: iOS 7, OS X 10.9 Mavericks, new, iWork for iCloud, iTunes Radio.

Hardware, of course, isn’t the only thing about to be launched. Apple will most probably launch iOS 7 and seed it to all users. You should be able to do an OTA to get iOS 7 installed on your compatible iOS devices (including iPads and iPod Touchs).

There’s iTunes Radio too that should be finally released for users along with iOS 7.

Besides iOS 7, I’m hoping Apple will release OS X Mavericks too. Unlike iOS 7, Mavericks has remained within the confines of the developers as large-scale downloads by non-developer is unheard of in Mac OS X. The iOS 7 has been widely downloaded and installed by a lot of non-devs.

There is Mac Pro which could possibly be released into the market.

Market trend teaches us that it’s not likely to see an iPad 5 or an iPad Mini 2 being launched/announced on the same day as the iPhones. That would be disastrous – so to speak – for all the products sharing the limelight.

iWatch seems ruled out but don’t be surprised if Apple springs up that gadget tomorrow. Tim Cook’s enthusiastic reply at D10 this year (about wearable technology) is the prime suspect of hinting at a possible wearable gadget.

There could be upgrades to iMacs.

Turning to the software once again, there’s iWork for iCloud, the new iOS 7-inspired and possibly, one more “killer” app for iOS 7.