With iOS 8, you can now send photos and videos quicker than ever before. Currently, in iOS 7, you have to go through a couple or more steps to even start recording a video within the Messages app. In iOS 8, all that becomes extremely simple.

How to send photos and videos quickly in Messages (iOS 8) on iPhone and iPad

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How to Send Photo and Video Quickly in iOS 8 Messages App on iPhone and iPad

  • Open the Messages app
  • Tap on a conversation (or tap on the New Message icon)
  • Left of the text-field, you have this camera icon. Tap and hold on it.

How to Send Photo and Video Quickly in iOS 8 Messages App on iDevicesSend Photo and Video Quickly in iOS 8 Messages App on iDevices

Now, you can either send a quick photo or record a video. Make sure you’re still holding your finger on the screen.

Slide your finger up towards the tiny camera icon to send a quick photo. When you slide up and release, your iPhone takes a quick pic and immediately sends it to the recipient.

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To record a video, swipe to the right (towards the record button). You can also tap on the record button using another finger. After you’re done recording, swipe upwards to send the video instantly.

To cancel a photo or video, release your finger without swiping anywhere. In case you’ve begun recording a video, swipe left towards the ‘X’.

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The tap-hold-swipe feature gets rid of two things: multiple-taps to take a photo/video and multiple steps to get to the part where you send a photo/video to your friend. This quick photo/video sending makes conversations really lively.

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Incidentally, there seems to be a self-destruct option too. So, all these quick videos and photos you send will get deleted automatically. This is helpful if you’re cautious about storage. But if you’re looking to save them for posterity, that’s bad news.