Facebook's move to force users to install Facebook Messenger if you wanted to chat within Facebook has met severe criticism. It turns out that people want to have all their messages right inside the default Facebook app.

Despite the criticism, Facebook wouldn't be budging (at least, not soon enough to matter). It continues to ask users to install Facebook Messenger if they want to chat or send messages. There're a couple of workarounds, though if you want to continue to chat or message from within Facebook's main app.

How to Send Messages and Chat Without the Facebook Messenger iPhone App

How to Send Facebook Messages/Chat without the iPhone Messenger App

For users who don't want to take the jailbreak-route

Step #1. Open Safari/Chrome on your iDevice.

Step #2. Go to touch.facebook.com

Step #3. You can use the message features without being prompted to download Messenger.

Step #4. Alternatively, you can also go to m.facebook.com (but note that it's an outdated interface.)

For users who have jailbroken iPhones

Step #1. Open Cydia.

Step #2. Search and install FBNoNeedMessenger.

Step #3. Restart the Facebook app.

Step #4. You should now be able to use messaging/chat without the annoying notice.

If you've got a non-jailbroken iPhone/iPad but want to jailbreak, here's how to jailbreak your iPhone/iPad using the latest tools.

Arguably, the jailbreak solution trumps the other one in terms of usability. However, I know for a fact that out of the number of users who use Facebook through their iPhone, only a handful has a jailbroken device.

For this demographic, at the moment, the touch.facebook.com website is the cleanest way to retain the Facebook experience with built-in messaging. It's not very different from the native app but it certainly is a lot slower.

FBNoNeedMessenger is a free Cydia tweak up on the BigBoss repo. It doesn't need any configurations.

  • ☮ i’m an alien ☮

    My phone is already super slow, I will get too frustrated with using Facebook in a browser. I want to jailbreak my current phone but my mum won’t let me because I stuffed up my old phone when I tried doing it (I fixed it but she’s still afraid…and honestly, so am I a little). Also, jailbreaking will still however make my phone even more slower, so there is no good enough outcome for me. They should not make Messenger mandatory but they want the money (Messenger has the ability to look at all the data on your device so it can tailor advertisements so they can get more money. That’s what this whole Messenger thing is about and it’s not cool!