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Have you ever wanted to sell your iPhone or iPad? There are quite a lot of ways to do that but since we're dependent on online resources for almost everything now, people prefer selling their iPhones and iPads online. It's a hassle-free way to find people who're ready to pay for your used device.

Flipsy.com targets this. It's a simple website that helps you find buyers who'll be ready to pay top-dollar for your device. From iPhones to iPads and game consoles to books, Flipsy.com can help you locate buyers easily for what you're selling. We checked out the iPhone and iPad sections and it was quite good.

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The Problem with Selling iPhones/iPads

If you're selling your iPhone or iPad online, you'll most certainly head over to Craigslist first. It's an easy option out and since discovery is quite high on sites like Craiglist, it makes sense to get your sell-out listed there. But as in every transaction over at Craigslist, there's a lot of risk. And unless the buyer isn't in your city, you won't get to meet up and do a physical transaction.

Sell iPhone iPad Online with Flipsy

There are a ton of websites that are ready to buy your iPhone/iPad and pay you for it based on how new/old your device is. But if you set out to document every website and compare the prices each pays, you'll spend the better part of your lifetime doing just that. For instance, take a look at this list which shows buyers ready to pay for a 32GB iPhone 4 Verizon. Like I said, there are tons of retailers ready to buy your iPhone but finding them all and comparing the prices is going to be tedious.

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That's Where Flipsy.com Comes

Flipsy.com makes it easy to figure out trusted buyers who'll pay you what's listed on the website for your iPhone/iPad. It basically makes search and comparison simpler and it also offers a little more detail about the trade-in price.

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Developer: Dhvanesh Adhiya
Price: Free+

Selling Your iPhone iPad Online with Flipsy

Flipsy, like the users, knows that trade-in – which being the safest way to transact – also comes with the catch of being the least profitable way. For instance, a $160 trade-in for an iPhone 4 might correspond to a $250+ private party price. That is, if you're selling on Craigslist or other popular online market places.

Information is Power

When you are out there selling your iPhone or iPad, information is power. You've got to know where you'll get the best price for your iPhone/iPad besides also know which is the safest way to sell. At Flipsy, you get to do that.

Based on transactions and buyer ratings, Flipsy also recommends certain websites over others which makes things even safer and better. And then there's also the email alerts which help you set a price for your iPhone/iPad – and when someone's ready to offer that price, you're alerted instantly.

A Long History of Dealing with Trade-Ins

Apparently, the founders/people behind Flipsy.com have a long experience in dealing with second-hand sell-outs/purchases (since 2003). I guess that'd make the algorithms that run the website strong and informative. Our trials through the website have been pleasant and quite detailed.

If you're planning to sell your iPhone/iPad, and want no hassles and risks along the way, you should try Flipsy.com. Oh, by the way, they also deal with a bucket load of other gadgets like Samsung, Nokia, HTC, LG smartphones, game consoles, books, Mac, BlackBerry etc.

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Check out Flipsy.com

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