We’ve been posting a lot lately about cool Cydia Tweaks, and there’s a bunch of them which you can check out here. And if you’re familiar with the jailbreak world, you know that new tweaks keep popping out very frequently.

Some of them catch our attention for their form, some for their function. Today, let’s check out an awesome Cydia tweak called “Secretary.”

Secretary is a small but powerful Cydia tweak that turns your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into your personal secretary. It reads you messages and missed call notifications and calendar alerts.

Secretary Cydia Tweak

With this tweak, your iOS device can read you the number of missed calls, the content of unread messages as well as calendar notifications.

What you need to do is just connect your iOS device to the Bluetooth headset, car kit or wired headphones. Secretary will speak to you all the new incoming messages and notifications on either over the phone speaker or headset.

I guess the tweak would be helpful especially when you can’t pick the phone to check the messages or notifications but still want to know what’s the new notification that came in. It’s pretty handy.

Siri does this function, but it’s severely limited. Folks using Android already have a lot of apps doing something similar. So, for iPhone users who have to rely on something like this, Secretary should be a very interesting tweak to have.

Secretary supports SMS as well as iMessage. Along with that, it is compatible to read all TTS languages that are supported on iOS. Addition to that, you can also adjust the volume and the speaking rates according to your needs.

The tweak is available on BigBoss, and you can purchase it for $1.99.

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