SeasonWallpaper is a wonderful little tweak that beautifies the iPhone wallpaper with falling snowflakes, leaves or flowers. It’s one of those little cosmetic tweaks that we rarely write about.

With SeasonWallpaper, you can turn your iPhone wallpaper into a seasonal theme by having snow/flowers/leaves fall from the top of the iPhone screen, according to the season you want to emulate. (Right now, snowflakes.)

What captured our attention to SeasonWallpaper was its aesthetic beauty and dynamism. iOS 7 introduced dynamic wallpapers that had moving circles (largely borrowed from Android’s UI). However, if you want to add something better to the dynamism, this Cydia tweak should be one of the first things to check out.

SeasonWallpaper Cydia Tweak for iOS 7

Enabling SeasonWallpaper will make snow/leaves/flowers fall through the iPhone’s screen in random patterns, simulating real snowfall/autumn.

SeasonWallpaper has a few interesting settings to configure too. There are three tabs to pick from (just like the tabs you find in the Notification Center). Each tab corresponds to a particular season. We have Snow, Flowers and Leaves. I hope the developer adds more in future updates or creates a way in which other devs can add to the existing three options.

The snow/flowers/leaves fall at predefined intervals and frequency set by you. You can also configure the tweak to make the snow/leaves fall over just the lockscreen or the dash (springboard) or both.

There’s a frequency slider, a maximum number slider and transparency slider. The frequency decides the rate at which the falling objects appear. The max number decides how many of them are on the screen at a time: you want to keep this optimal so the screen doesn’t get crowded and ugly. The transparency slider lets you tweak the opacity of the objects.

The only rub is that SeasonWallpaper costs $1.99 (which is costly for an interface tweak). It’s up on theĀ  BigBoss repo.