Seasonality Go iPad App: Monitor Weather Like a Pro

Seasonality iPad App Review

Seasonality Go is an iPad-only weather app that brings meteorology-level weather information to your iPad. It’s a weather forecaster, a climate indicator and a cool travel companion for iPad users who like to be informed of the weather of the places they’re visiting.

All that information and those dashboards can seem pretty overwhelming but they’re all actually little, useful pieces of weather information.

Seasonality iPad App Review

In the world of iOS 7, an iOS 6-like interface seems old but the data visualization of Seasonality Go is quite good. Seasonality Go turns your iPad into a weather station – and if you’re by any chance a weather freak, this is an app you’ll like. But as a reviewer, I should also note that there are other apps that go beyond Seasonality Go in terms of data visualizations but these apps reach the other side of simplicity. Seasonality Go appears quite powerful and rich in information but is very easy to use even by someone who is not familiar with all the technicalities.

Seasonality iPad Weather App Review

Different dashboards give you an in-depth look at various weather information. There are dashboards built for travel, for maritime information, for the “graphophiles”, and simple maps that show wind patterns across the globe. All data is pulled real-time from one of the most accurate weather data APIs.

Then there’s also the blank canvas on which you can create your own template of data visualization. Depending on what information you want to see, you can add/edit the sections on any layout too.

Seasonality Weather App for iPad

The graphs are quite information-rich: there are graphs for temperature, wind speed, precipitation, wind direction, snowfall, and probability of precipitation, cloud cover, pressure and humidity. A traveler might concern himself with just the humidity and temperature but if you’re out to see, wind speed might help.

Overall, Seasonality Go isn’t on the too-technical side of things but it’s a perfect weather station for your iPad.

Seasonality Go is compatible with iPads and iPad Mini.

Price: $9.99
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