How to Schedule Your Mac to Automatically Start Up or Shut Down

macOS has a range of highly user-friendly features including “Energy Saver.” What makes it so appreciable is the ability to not only save power but also get your Mac ready when you want to start working and turn it off when it’s time to wrap up the day.

Personally, I take full advantage of this feature to remind myself of shutting down the MacBook at the right time so that I can get back home on time. And it also comes in handy for putting the computer in sleep mode during recess to prevent unnecessary power consumption.

That’s not all; it can be useful in many ways. Follow along as I show you how to set the Mac to automatically shut down, start up, restart or even sleep on a schedule!

How to Set Your Mac to Automatically Start Up, Shut Down, Sleep, or Restart

Step #1. Launch System Preferences on your Mac. (Alternately, click on the Apple logo () at the top left corner of the screen and choose System Preferences.)

Click on Apple Logo and then click on System Preferences on Mac

Step #2. Now, click on the Energy Saver icon.

Click on the Energy Saver icon in Mac System Preferences


Step #3. Next, click on Schedule at the bottom right corner.

Click on Schedule in Mac Energy Saver Settings

Step #4. Next up, you need to schedule the start up or sleep/restart/shut down time.

Let’s say, you want your Mac to start at a specified time on a particular day. Check the box to the left of Start up or wake. Then, click on the drop-down menu for Every day and choose the preferred option.

Set your Mac to automatically Start up and wake up

Click on OK to Schedule Your Mac to Automatically Turn ON or OFF

After that, click on the drop-down menu next to the time and adjust it. Once you are done, click on OK to confirm.

Similarly, you can set the computer to sleep, restart, shut down at the stipulated time and day.

Set your Mac to automatically Sleep, Restart, Shut Down

Click on OK to Schedule Your Mac Automatically Start Up or Shut Down

From now onwards, your computer will go to sleep or turn off at the scheduled time. Do note that your macOS device must be awake at the time when it’s been set to turn off or else the Mac won’t shut down.

Besides, the computer needs to stay awake for 10 minutes past that stipulated time.

Furthermore, you will get a popup before the specified time, saying something like “this Mac has been scheduled to go to sleep automatically.” You can choose to either cancel it or allow it to continue.

There you go!

Wrapping up…

So, that’s how you can fine-tune your Mac to get into action or switch off at the predefined time. I’ve found this energy saving feature very useful, and hopefully, it may come handy to you as well.

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