Battery life is a constant concern for every iPhone user. A lot of people complain about poor battery performances even though the iPhone does come with a standard (or call it average) battery backup for a smartphone. (Check out our posts on battery-saving tips for iOS 7).

Keeping a tab on the battery and adjusting a lot of toggles in order to conserve battery is not an ideal solution. But what about automating it? That’s precisely what a new tweak “BatterySafe” wants to do. Read on for more info about the tweak.

BatterySafe is a pretty simple, straight-forward tweak. It monitors the battery level and if it gets below a predefined level, it triggers three actions that help you preserve battery. While this might not be as versatile and powerful a solution as, say, Battery Doctor, it continues to be an easy way of saving the battery of your iPhone when it’s getting below a certain point.

Save iPhone Battery Life with BatterySafe Cydia Tweak

Here’s what BatterySafe controls when the battery percentage gets below the set value:

  • Brightness: The brightness of your iPhone is automatically reduced when the battery goes below the point. One of the primary juice-suckers in smartphones is the brightness of the display. On the iPhone – with all the retina flair – it makes a lot of difference. BatterySafe makes sure the screen is dimmed at the right time.
  • Bluetooth and Wi-fi disabling: If you prefer, you can make BatterySafe turn off both Wifi and Bluetooth once the threshold is reached.

Use BatterySafe Cydia Tweak to Save iPhone Battery

Although BatterySafe appears very basic right now, if the developers tried to add more features, it would be amazing. For starters, having more things turned off automatically would be good for the battery (Location, 3G etc.)

I like the fact that bluetooth and Wi-fi are included as toggle controls. This way, you can choose to have them disabled automatically or not depending on your usage patterns.

The default battery threshold which triggers BatterySafe is 20% – which, incidentally, is Apple’s default battery alert percentage. You can change it to anything of your choice (in multiples of 10).

BatterySafe is a free tweak on the BigBoss repo.