Finally, someone comes up with a free solution to save Instagram photos in iOS 7. After the recent updates, Instagram’s photo-saving features (through jailbreak tweaks) had been invalidated. The most recent thing we had – the InstaSave tweak – went obsolete after iOS 7. And the other solution, the iPhone app InstaSave, is a paid one.

On BigBoss today, developer Julian Weiss brings a free solution to save Instagram photos on your iPhone. The tweak is called SaveGram.

How to Save Instagram Photos SaveGram, a Free iOS 7 Cydia Tweak

Instagram doesn’t let you save the photos to your iPhone for a variety of security and copyright reasons. The funny thing is people are taking screenshots of the photos they want to save and then cropping them (optionally). Obviously, that ain’t a good solution.

The most recent solution that we could lay our hands on was the updated InstaSave app. The iPhone app was popular for its Instagram-photo-saving capabilities. With the update, the developers also added the capability to save videos from Vine. All of that comes for $0.99 – paltry, totally worthy for the functions of the app.

But if you’re looking for a free solution like the good-old days of iOS 6, SaveGram might just be it. It arrives quite late in the day but it’s definitely timely given the ever-present need for a solution. And the best thing is that it integrates well within Instagram’s official app.

To use SaveGram, all you need to do is install it. Quit and re-open Instagram if you have it running in the background. Then:

Step #1. Tap on a photo to view it’s details in Instagram.

Step #2. To the right of Like/Comment button, you have the “…” share button. Tap on it.

Step #3. In the options, tap on Save.

SaveGram is tested to be compatible with Instagram’s latest version (5.0.8). There are no options to configure, no settings to tweak.

It just merges with Instagram app by adding the Save option to the share button.