If there's one app you must not miss this Christmas, it's Santa Spy Cam. Combining a little augmented reality and funny little elves, Santa Spy Cam can bring honest magical joy to your kids day as he finds out you caught Santa's elves on the camera.

Slightly spooky, lots of fun, amazing design and implementation of an idea – everything makes Santa Spy Cam the best Christmas app you can get this season. And it's easily the coolest Christmas app for the iPhone.

Put simply, Santa Spy Cam is an app where you see elves in your house. You “set up” your iPhone to capture certain areas of your house in the night when the kids are asleep and the elves are at work. The elves land and are captured by the iPhone which is recording their movements.

Santa Spy Cam iPhone App

Santa Spy Cam Video Walk-through

Next day, show your kid what the elves were up to, on your iPhone and watch their faces light up in surprise.

Combining augmented reality and the spirit of Christmas, Santa Spy Cam adds animated elves playing and working their way in and around your house. Some of them might even land on your sleeping kid and you can capture that on the iPhone. Show it to your kid the next day and watch her reaction.

Santa Spy Cam will also let you capture the Man himself (Santa). But that comes later. For now, it's the elves. There are a lot of packs you can buy (the $15 is an amazing package of a lot of activities) and configure to capture various elves doing various quirky things that elves do.

Santa Spy Cam is free for the iPhone. The free version comes with limitations of what the elves do in the video. You can, of course, buy packs (via In-app purchase).

Price: Free
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