This is straight from the horse’s mouth. Lee Young Hee, executive VP of Samsung’s mobile arm said that Samsung is getting ready to release products for the future and watch is definitely one of them. “We’ve been preparing the watch for so long.”

iWatch, the rumored Apple gadget, has been in the news for quite long now. There’s been the occasional rumor about patents pointing to toys in production but obviously, there’s no concrete proof that Apple’s gearing up for an iWatch release this year. However, the market indications are rich and brimming with iWatch news.

Bloomberg’s report says nothing more about Samsung’s smartwatch concept or feature. The sources refused to divulge any more information – probably because Samsung’s waiting for some concrete information from its rival’s camp.


Watches as Smartphones

Smartwatch, as a concept, has been long debated as the next logical step in making smartphones even more accessible. For starters, if you’re not much bothered about the tan around your wrist, you get to reduce the number of times you have to pull out the iPhone from your pocket.

While there have been reported leaks of Samsung’s smartwatch concept interface (which was, needless to say, uninteresting at best), the focus is on what Apple has to offer. Bloomberg, citing unnamed sources familiar with the plans of the Cupertino giant, says that Apple does intend to release the iWatch this year.

Samsung As A Competitor

The only real point of contention where Samsung would turn out to be a worthy competitor for the iWatch would be the price point. Apple, as is always expected, would be churning out something that’s going to cost you an arm and a leg. Not that people won’t buy the product should it be released this year.

There’s an opinion running around that a typical smartwatch should be priced under $200 although where the price comes from is unknown.

Oh, by the way, if the Samsung does release the smartwatch, would it run Android or Tizen? It’s more likely that the smartwatch would run Tizen.

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