Samsung has reportedly suspended the production of Galaxy Note 7. According to CNBC, the world’s largest smartphone maker has taken the decision in cooperation with authorities in China and US.

Just when the Galaxy Note 7 appeared to be at the top of its game thanks to the positive reviews from experts, the battery-catching-fire issue came out of nowhere. One after the other several users reported the horrible incident of the phablet catching fire.

Samsung Suspends Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Adjusting Galaxy Note 7 Supply Due to Fresh Fire Catching Reports

Stung by the unfortunate news, Samsung recalled all the newly launched shipped phablets in order to go through the root cause of the issue and promised to replace the affected models soon. Though the South Korean company did replace the phone but couldn’t succeed in preventing even the replaced models from catching fire.

“Samsung, in a statement, said the adjustments were being made in order to conduct in-depth inspections and to improve quality control. The firm did not elaborate further.

The comments come after a Yonhap News Agency report suggested that the company had suspended production of its phablet device, in what is a further setback for the tech giant trying to manage its worst ever phone recall crisis.” – CNBC.

In the wake of the fresh battery explosion issue, two of the biggest carriers of US AT&T and T-Mobile announced on Sunday that they won’t offer replacement Note 7 units.

This battery explosion issue could cause huge damage to the reputation of Apple’s biggest rival—as far as smartphone is concerned. With it being completely embroiled in battery explosion entangle, the iPhone maker can have slight benefit.

Google Pixel, Pixel XL, LG V20 may have immense advantage as they offer terrific alternative to the 5.7-inch phablet—powered by Android.

With a view to giving a massive challenge to iPhone 7/7 Plus, Samsung perhaps couldn’t fine tune the quality of its Note 7. It would be nothing less than a herculean task for it in order to recover from such a big setback.

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