Early Christmas For Apple In Last 48 Hours

Galaxy Fold Screen Break and Qualcomm Settlement

In the backdrop of unexpectedly low iPhone sales, Apple had been lying rather low, while Android smartphones were rejoicing with multiple advantages: The More Efficient and Faster 5G and The New Found Love With Foldable Smartphones.

Finding Apple unlikely to outfit 5G modem in the iPhones for at least in the next two years, the detractors had been repeatedly taking a potshot. The so-called “Future of Smartphone” will be the slowest to embrace 5G, lacks the teeth to compete with Android devices, has already peaked, and what not.

As if this much of bashing was not enough, Samsung–Apple’s biggest rival–came out all guns blazing. The South Korean multinational conglomerate launched the world’s first foldable smartphone “Galaxy Fold” ($1,980) amid plenty of fanfare. While almost everyone was gushing at the smartphone and praising Samsung for ushering the industry to a new direction, Huawei came up with even bigger surprise–HUAWEI Mate X ($2600) foldable smartphone that can bend outwardly.

Sudden Turn Of Events Has Given iPhone A Clear Advantage to Stay In The Hunt… And How!

You guessed it! These two things were good enough for the critics to lambast Apple, saying the tech giant has gone past its prime and become only a follower.

As it has always been the case, Apple was quietly listening to the entire narrative, watching the whole game from behind the scene.

Clearly, the iPhone maker was on the back foot, struggling to hold fort on the sticky wicket…

The Remarkable Deal With Qualcomm

Suddenly, a turnaround happened on April 16th, 2019 when no one had even thought of it. Even as the jury for their trial was about to take charge, Apple and Qualcomm dropped all the lawsuits and signed a six-year global patent licensing agreement (which could be further extended for another two years). Moreover, Qualcomm agreed to supply modems for future iPhones.

“Apple and Qualcomm have agreed to settle all ongoing lawsuits, putting an end to the blockbuster legal battle. As part of the settlement, Apple will make a payment to Qualcomm for an undisclosed amount. The companies have reached a six-year global patent licensing agreement, which may be extended for another two years. They’ve also agreed for Qualcomm to supply parts to Apple for multiple years, which likely means its modems will once again appear in the iPhone.” The Verge

With this remarkable turnaround, Apple’s iPhones could come with 5G as early as 2019 (of course, it’s a bit late, but the rumors are doing the rounds that the Cupertino-based company might rush to outfit 5G even in the 2019 iPhones). This game-changing move has not just ensured that Apple’s smartphone would be able to once again use the most efficient modem and more significantly get 5G just in time but also offset the advantage over which Android smartphone makers were going gaga.

Yeah, you can argue that many Android devices are already shipping with 5G and they are ahead in the race. But, is 5G network gotten ready yet? Nope! And boy, it’s gonna take plenty of time for it to be visible everywhere–let alone being fully into action. So, why go for something that’s not ready for the mainstream yet?

I hope Samsung will no longer blast the download speed of the iPhone and call its Galaxy smartphones the real deal (no pun intended)!

“The ad, titled ‘Ingenious: Speed’ is set within a bright retail environment clearly meant to reflect an Apple store. It starts off with a woman waiting to be helped by an employee. Quickly, the worker, complete with an Apple logo t-shirt, approaches to make a sale.

When asked about iPhone X’s download speeds, the employee boasts they are faster than those of iPhone 8. She responds with apprehension, looking for confirmation that iPhone X is not as fast at downloading data as the Galaxy S9. Her query renders the employee speechless, with his only response being unending, “Ummmm…” Apple Insider

The Huge Screen Breaking Issue of Samsung Galaxy Fold

Even as the tech tubers had just caught a glimpse of the review units of Samsung Galaxy Fold, the so-called future of foldable smartphone had started to peel off on April 18th, 2019. Worst, the flexible device seems to have already been broken… It looks too cheap to be called the future of foldable!

“Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman said his display is busted, though he noted he took off a “protective layer/film,” Samsung says shouldn’t be removed. YouTuber Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) encountered a similar issue after he removed the film, thinking it was a screen protector. So, you probably shouldn’t take that layer off if you’re buying a Galaxy Fold — there’s a warning on the wrap that urges you to leave the film in place.” Engadget

When all hell was expected to loose on Apple, Man… it’s the other way around! While the iPhone maker seems to have a surprisingly great deal with Qualcomm at a time when all odds were stacked against it, Samsung which not too long ago was having a wonderful time has revisited a terrible situation—that will have a far-reaching impact than Galaxy S7 blast issue that had rocked the entire sphere.

Oh…wait a minute…

Finding Samsung’s much-hyped Galaxy Fold falling apart so cheaply like a pack of cards, I don’t think the folks who were lining up for the foldable smartphones would even dare to embrace the fold that’s priced so highly around $2000 and even beyond!

And what about Huawei, Xiaomi and almost everyone else who seem to have jumped on the bandwagon called “Foldables”? Well, if I’m not wrong, they may have already lost their sleep. After all, charging ridiculously high for the smartphone that’s made of cheap plastic is ridiculous.

All of a sudden, Apple has snatched back the advantage both in the 5G department and foldables. And that too without breaking much sweat (or absolutely no sweat) at all. From what I can see, the last 48 hours (or 2-to days) have turned out to be a much-needed shot in the arm for Apple.

Hopefully, all the airy trumpet about innie, outie as well as Apple’s inability to embrace 5G will vaporize now–at least for the time being!

Scared by huge screen issue of Galaxy Fold, prospective buyers would want to wait until the tech is ready for foldables. Apple being known as the most trusted player in the industry, most people (except for the hobbyists) would now want to give a shot to the foldable iPhone before sailing into the all-new territory that looks fraught with risk.

And for that, people can happily wait for a year or two–impatiently and passionately. After all, only a truly foldable smartphone can showcase the way forward. Indeed, the iPhone is back again and so is Apple…

What’s your take on this two sudden turn of events? Share your thoughts and feedback with us in the comment box.

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