Dear Samsung, These Five Tips Can Bring the Ultimate Peace to Your iPhone-Trolling Ads

Samsung Trolls Apple iPhone X

There are two types of companies in the world. While the one keeps on toiling hard to scale unprecedented heights, the other keeps on putting tireless efforts to discover loopholes in its superior.

And from what I can see, Samsung is pretty happy to be in the latter’s category. Come on! You, the largest smartphone vendor in the world, can do much better than that! Only if you could start looking at the numerous holes that your flagship smartphones are perennially known for, you could save your devices from catching fire or becoming nothing more than a brick after barely celebrating a Christmas.

Dear Samsung, These 5 Tips Can Bring Ultimate Peace to Your iPhone-Centric Ads

Truth be told, I do find your ads well designed and they, of course, talk about the impressive features that your Galaxy devices boast. But I’m afraid; I don’t see any sense in them.

Please, don’t get me wrong! I don’t mean to suggest that iPhone X (which is the target of your latest bombardment) is perfect. Nor do I say that your Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus is not worth having a serious look at. All I’m trying to stress is that why spend so much time and money bothering about your opponent when your house is itself standing on a sticky wicket?

Now, let’s get into the debate mode!

The folks, who choose iPhone, know what they are getting into—an ever adorable Apple ecosystem.

Can you offer a more powerful ecosystem to iOS users? The simple answer is—No. It’s because you don’t offer an advanced computer like Mac, a dashing tablet like iPad, an elegant wearable device like Apple Watch, ever appreciable set-top-box like Apple TV and a smart speaker like HomePod.

Agreed, your smartphones boast top-of-the-line specs. But are they enough?

Let’s face it; you can’t win over iPhone users just by producing smartphones which are lashed with high-end specs. The only way you can mesmerize them is by providing a way better experience. Unfortunately, your devices can’t make a match with their Apple counterparts.

What do you mean by speed or for that matter download speed?

As far as speed is concerned, the iPhone has always had the upper hand. Moreover, Apple’s flagship smartphones are more power efficient and retain their flair for long. That means, they are far less lethargic and don’t seem to live in the grandparents’ era after just a couple of years.

Besides, comparing the download speed of the iPhone, which released almost a year ago, with the one that has just seen the light of the day is nothing less than a comedy–at its funniest best!

When will you resolve the Too Slow Updates?

Going by the numbers, you are the most popular smartphone vendors in the world. Isn’t it a shame that your pricey smartphones are left lagging behind, while the less expensive devices like the ones from OnePlus get onboard pretty quickly?

I think the latest software is an integral part of any device. And if you take that away, you kill two uncompromised words in them–“Mobility” and “Security.”

So, When Should We Expect You to Start Removing the Bloatware?

I do have some friends who use your top-of-the-line smartphones. The one thing that they really don’t like is the tons of bloatware or the unnecessary stuff that Galaxy devices come loaded with. They seem to throttle the user-experience. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could wipe out the clutters to make them run as smoothly as the iPhones?

The Bottom Line

I think the points that I have discussed above are the most significant and the basic ones. And unless you have covered them up, iPhone users will never be enticed by the short-lived splash of your Galaxy devices.

As a user, I want the cut-throat competition as eventually, it benefits the end users. So, it would be great to see the Galaxy Note or S series devices to have the longevity and address the core experience of the users. Because, when the dust settles down, what counts is performance and only performance!

What’s your take on the rivalry between Apple and Samsung? Do share your views in the comment below.

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