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Samsug Copying Apple Product Design and Feature

Apple and Samsung are two of the leading tech giants in the Smartphone and Tablet markets, so there should be some comparisons between them. Users have obviously taken sides, and they don’t fail to take jibes at one another at any chance they get.

Samsung has also not let any opportunity slip by making fun of or ridicule the Apple devices. Remember the notch ad that Samsung made taking a direct jibe at the iPhone X and its notch display, although it took it down later on. However, the damage was already done.

While Samsung has been upfront about making fun of Apple, the Cupertino giant has never responded or reacted to them, which speaks about its confidence in its products. Although Samsung ridiculed a few of Apple’s features, eventually, it has given in to the trend and used similar or somewhat similar features and designs of Apple.

Samsung has always made fun of Apple’s futuristic approach, but as and when the technology or hardware design picks up the trends, Samsung comes up with its version of the same, even though it takes them 3-4 years to do the same. 

Samsung Has Been Ridiculing Apple, But It Ends Up Imitating Apple

Jack or no, Jack? 

So, back in 2016, when Apple launched the iPhone 7 without the headphone jack, it received a lot of backlash from Android phone makers. Samsung was at the forefront of that bandwagon, ridiculing Apple’s headphone jack removal through its ads and social media memes. While other Android phone makers were soon to follow this trend of removing the headphone jack, Samsung stood to its ground and continued making fun of Apple. 

Recently when Samsung launched its Galaxy Note S10 and S10+, people were in for a surprise or shock because Apple’s dear old friend had removed the headphone jack from their latest phones. Well, where did the ‘this is highly impractical’ go? It took Samsung 3 years and several defaming and snobbish ads to copy the no-headphone jack technology.

Adding one last thing to this point is that while many people have forgotten, I still have a pair of Samsung earphones with a very weird pin. I am saying this in the context of Samsung advocating the 3.5mm jack, but earlier, it was one of those companies with earphones with different pins. 

iPhone 7 without headphone jack and Galaxy S10 Note without headphone jack

Notching It All…

Do you remember the Samsung ad with a family that sported the notch-like hairstyle? If that was not indicative enough to make fun of Apple, then I have no idea what would be? Oh yea, them holding the latest iPhone X could indicate that Samsung’s PR team tried being cheeky and funny in their ad. Well, that ad was taken down later on after Samsung received a lot of counterblast for stooping so low to advertise and market their products. 

But, Apple being Apple, they have never reacted to such ad campaigns or trolls because it knows that Samsung would soon follow its footsteps once the said technology picked up. However, Samsung didn’t exactly follow the notch display technology; instead, it adapted the punch hole technology. While Samsung had been trashing Apple for cutting down the display space, I don’t see the hole-punch display keeping the display intact either.

iPhone X Notch Display and Samsung Galaxy S10 with Punch Hole Display

Why Doesn’t Apple React to Such Derogatory Ads? 

Every Apple fan has asked this question at least once. That’s why Apple has not sued Samsung’? We have a few theories of our own that we would like to share with you guys. The tops of it all are that Apple doesn’t want to stop at their level and justify their dignity and products. Apple knows that eventually, Samsung and other smartphone companies criticizing its technology would copy the same after some time. 

The other theory that we have is why Apple would react to such ads when doing nothing but free marketing. In trying to make fun of Apple, Samsung shows more of the iPhones than their own phones in the ad, proving that there are more iPhone users than Samsung. 

Another reason is that Apple doesn’t believe in looking down upon someone. So, unlike Samsung, Apple doesn’t demean Android users. While Samsung tries to degrade iPhone users, it is forgetting that they are the potential buyers, and mocking them would adversely affect their buying decisions. 

Here is a video showcasing a couple of ads Samsung made mocking Apple:

YouTube video

Take a Look at the Various Occasions, Samsung Has Followed Apple’s Footsteps:

  • Samsung criticized the fingerprint scanner in iPhone 5s, but later, within a year, it came out with Galaxy S5 in 2014 with the same software.
  • Samsung Chromebox was also copied from the Mac Mini. For 7 years, Samsung criticized that Idea but finally, it copied the MacMini and the same hardware design, might I add.
Samsung copied Design Of Mac Mini
Image credit:
  • Do you remember a time when Samsung had a USB cable that resembled iPhones 3 & 4? Well, Samsung ridiculed that idea up until 2010?
Samsung charger port looked just like the iPad
Image credit: Businessinsider
  • Remember, Samsung making fun of Siri in 2011 but impatiently launched the S-Voice, which required a lot of improvement. Well, after a lot of development, the S-Voice was relaunched and named it Bixby.
  • Samsung Pay was a very less than okay rip off of Apple Pay. 
  • Also, Samsung is one of their ads made fun of the headphone jack shifting below the screen in iOS devices, but with Samsung S6 and S6 Edge, it came out with a headphone jack positioned in the same place as that of the iPhone.
  • Samsung heavily ridiculed concealed Batteries, internal storages, and cloud drives, but I guess the joke is on them now, with all their phones having all of these 3 things now.
  • Nothing more to say about Earpods.
  • Samsung’s old USB charging bricks looked very much similar to that of Apple’s.

    Samsung old USB charging brick looks nearly identical to Apple
    Image credit: Businessinsider
    • Similar Stock App Icons of iPhones and iWatch were copied to Samsung Phones and its smartwatches, respectively.
    • While we have been focusing on the minute details, one huge thing that looked quite similar was the Galaxy S phone and the iPhone 3/3GS.
      Galaxy S phone retains the same design that of iPhone 3G

    • Does Apple Passbook ring a bell? Well, Samsung came out with Samsung Wallet after Apple’s wallet app. People accepted Apple Passbook. Apple might have renamed its app later on, but the Wallet app was first launched on the iPhones.
    • Following the trend of Apple’s Store Geniuses, Samsung set up mini-stores within Best Buys with trained staff to help you with Samsung Tablets and Phones.
    • The Galaxy Buds are a spin-off of Airpods.
    • Samsung’s latest watch OS update has the Breathe Application, which is quite similar to that of Apple’s Breathe App that is relaxing guided breathing.


    So, while Apple has innovated new technologies and hardware designs, companies like Samsung are just making a fool out of themselves by mocking them initially but copying them later on.

    Google is not far behind in this league. Although it doesn’t mock or ridicule Apple, it certainly does copy some hardware and software.

    Signing Off…

    Do you agree with us that even though Samsung ridicules Apple and its products, it eventually starts copying or following them once they start trending? In the comment section below, let us know if you have any other feature or design that Samsung has copied from Apple but has made fun of it earlier.

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