Sales Kit: iPad App for Cataloging your Products and Selling them On-the-go

The iPad has been used for a variety of reasons, but one area of commerce where it has caused a significant shift in the way business is conducted is Sales. Catalogs, orders, CRM… a lot has changed ever since the iPad became a part of the toolset.

The iPad is a wonderful tool for many things associated with sales: it’s a beautiful display for your product catalog, it’s a powerful tool to collect data about your potential customers, it’s an equally powerful tool to process orders instantly and more. Many apps leverage this power. Sales Kit is one of these.

Why Sales Kit?

Sales Kit Product Catalogue App For iPad

Typically, information in catalogs, sales, orders, invoices, and CRM can get very sophisticated and complicated quickly. With just two or more products, the data escalates through branches, and it becomes very complicated. Presenting an interface to capture and process this sort of a data needs to be made as simple as possible. Sales Kit, like many other sales apps for the iPad, is involved in this simplification. Moreover, it does an excellent job of it.

The Focus is on Data

Sales Kit Product Catalogue iPad App

Sales Kit is powered through the cloud and it’s decently fast. It is primarily built to be a simple catalog and order-taking tool. It’s not designed to let you add products from within the iOS interface or to let you import data so in that sense, and it’s simplistic. The data is synced to the device from the back-end which is a web interface. You can add, edit, delete and control your catalog (or orders, prices etc.) from the web browser. All these changes are synced to the iPad app.

From our first impressions about Sales Kit, it is kind of clear that the focus is on data and making it available to you quickly. To that effect, the Sales Kit is simple and good. It de-complicates the data and presents it in a way that’s easy to process.

Processing orders on the iPad is easy. You can process orders and store the data even when you are offline (which is an important and a convenient feature). Once your iPad connects to a network, the data from Sales Kit will be synced to the back-end (your account on Sales Kit).

Interface Needs Some Work

Sales Kit Product Catalogue iPad App for Sales People

But one point of contention is the lack of an impressive interface. In fact, the interface for orders, tables, and a few other things requires a lot of working on, design- and UX-wise. If your primary purpose of using the iPad is to show your products and process an order or two quickly, Sales Kit does fine. It can capture even signatures (use a stylus or even a finger-tip does well) and generate receipts.

But once you get a little deeper into the areas where you need to review data from orders, existing clients/customers etc., the interface gets a little haphazard. If little things like padding on the button don’t matter much, Sales Kit works just fine.

Despite a few shortcomings in the interface design, Sales Kit works fine as a catalog presentation and order processing app. Sales reps will definitely benefit a lot with almost all data at their fingertips. Sales Managers will find Sales Kit useful too.


The iPad app is free as such but you need to have an account at to get your products on the catalog, to export/import data and more. There is a 15-day free trial on every plan and the lowest fee is $25 per month, per user. ($20/pm, if paid annually).

Download Sales Kit

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