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Learn new language without getting bored. Use Rype Go language learning app for iPhone. Read about the teaching strategies of the app in this post.
Rype Go Language Learning App for iPhone

You may have tried learning a new language as part of your hobby, or maybe it was the demand of the situation. Whatever may be the case, learning a new language isn’t easy, and you may have experienced it already. On top of that, the working professionals do not get enough time to learn from a professional tutor.

There are many language learning apps on the App Store that promises to teach you a new language within a couple of months. You may have tried some already and realized that none of them help. The core reason why these apps fail is that they try to teach a language by flashcards, images, or videos. You cannot learn a language by reading or watching it; you need to interact with a living person to learn the language.

Rype Go aims to target this limitation with its app for the iPhone. Unlike many other language learning apps, Rype Go has an innovative approach towards learning, and if you wish to grasp the new language quickly, read here how to do it.

Rype Go Language Learning iPhone App Review

One of the best things I liked about Rype Go is that they have designed the language learning experience from the ground up. Most of the content available on the internet is either outdated or boring. To overcome this, Rype Go uses three steps of learning: Watch, Speak, and Chat.

Rype Go Language Learning App for iOS

If you noticed that there is no grammar, no mugging the vocabulary, or any typical language learning mechanism, Rype Go takes you directly to interaction by watching the videos. Science has proved that the human brain learns faster with visualized content. Let’s dive in a little deeper and understand all three strategies in detail.

Learn by Watching videos

To start with, let me tell you that these are not random language learning videos created just like that. There are 250+ carefully produced videos that help in learning the language quickly and to the point. Besides, all videos have a 4K resolution that you can watch on bigger screens as well.

Learn Foreign Language With Video

Now coming to the content of these videos, they are interactive, informative, and engaging. None of the videos has a typical tutor lecture that bores you after a certain amount of time. As mentioned earlier, professionals have a tight schedule to learn new things. Keeping that in mind, the videos are sized hardly at 5-minutes.

Once you finish watching a video, you can practice what you learned by speaking. Let’s understand how speaking works with the Rype Go app.

Speak and learn

It’s human nature that we are afraid of people judging us all the time. Especially when learning something new, people tend to be a bit nervous. To eliminate this, Rype Go has developed an AI-based speech recognition module that tests your speaking abilities.

You can practice speaking after watching a video, and the virtual teacher will test your skills in real-time. As there is no human intervention, you can be sure that you aren’t judged. This will create a positive mindset and help you learn the language faster compared to speaking in front of a human.

No matter how smart the virtual teacher is, we will need to interact with people at some point in time. Once you are confident that you have mastered the lessons, you can move to the last and final step, i.e. Chatting. Let’s see how it works.

Chat and learn

In the final step, you can book an appointment with professional teachers and have a 1-on-1 live session. These sessions are of 30-minutes, and you can book an appointment anytime. When I say anytime, I mean 24/7, 365 days. Whether it is a weekend or midnight, there are professional tutors at your help anytime.

These live sessions focus on polishing what you have learned so far and receive feedback from the professionals. When an expert tells you that you have made good progress, it will boost your confidence. That confidence works as a motivation to learn further and master the language. There are many other features of the app; let’s check them out below.

Other features

One of the best things that I noticed about the app is that it doesn’t teach you spellings, grammar, or vocabulary. Frankly, we don’t generally focus on any of them when interacting on the phone, having a friendly conversation at a party, or asking someone out.

Rype Go does precisely that. It prepares you to start a conversation with anyone in the real world. The learning topics include – expressing your feelings, ordering at restaurants, phone conversations, small talk at parties, etc.

Also, there are many other topics like chatting with your rideshare driver, Airbnb host communication, making a respectful complaint, buying transportation tickets, and going to the pharmacy.

As you can see, all the topics included in your learning are used in day-to-day life. Another thing to note is that no app or tutor can teach you everything. The human brain learns much more from the first-hand experience. So once you are good at regular interactions with people, you’ll further learn and start speaking like a native person.


Rype Go is a Kickstarter campaign, and like every campaign, there are different perks with different prices. You can choose the one that suits your requirement. Below is the link to the campaign page.

Read more on Kickstarter

That’s all there is to it!

Wrapping up…

There are many ways to learn new things. One strategy may work for a few people, while for others, there’s a different strategy to get the task done. There’s no universal process to learn the language. In the end, it comes down to your passion, but apps like Rype Go travels an extra mile to make sure that they keep the fire burning inside you while leaning.

Did you learn any new language in the recent past? If yes, how did you learn it? Comment below and help fellow users.

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