Every new iOS, OS X, Mac and iDevice announcement is preceded by weeks or months or years of rumors. In the case of iOS 8, we had a few months of rumors floating around.

A few rumors crystallized at the WWDC 2014 keynote as Tim and Craig revealed the new features of iOS 8. A few rumors did not. Some cool features never made it in the rumor mill roundups. Here's a list of all the hits and misses of iOS 8 features from the rumor mills.

iOS 8 Features

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HealthKit: 9to5Mac broke the news on iOS 8's “healthbook” app – an app that would be focused on integrating various health and fitness apps and data. The app turned out to be “Health” and the framework on this is based is called the HealthKit. Hit.

HomeKit:The last bit of rumor that floated around was that of the smart home system. Apple announced what is termed as HomeKit: an integration of smart home systems/appliances like Hue, Nest etc.

Shazam Music Recognition: Although this bit of a rumor didn't catch on like wildfire, reports did indicate that Apple is working with Shazam to incorporate music recognition into Siri. It happened!

TouchID API: TouchID API was mentioned more in editorials and opinions rather than as a rumor although there was one fleeting moment when it was rumored to be a part of the feature set.


Family Sharing: Family Sharing is a huge feature and if you ask me, it's more relevant and appealing than a HealthKit (from a mass consumer point of view). No one heard of any rumors about this. (or no one reported about it)

Group Message Features: One of the most annoying things about group messages was the inability to leave a group or mute a conversation. With iOS 8, that feature is here to save you. Although we hoped Apple would kind of fix the missing feature, it was not expected. I mean, Apple is not usually the company that listens to users wailing about glaring omissions.

Keyboard (QuickType): Android-style prediction of the next word? No, sir, no one expected that.

Notification Center Widgets: Oh this one's not a big move from an Android perspective but within the iOS ecosystem, this is huge. There was no prior indication or hint that this was going to happen.

Continuity: The biggest change this year is introducing of this feature which is – hopefully – done to perfection. Nevertheless, none of us caught this feature in the rumor roundup.


Third-party keypad: Like TouchID API, Swype-like third-party keypad was much of a debate and opinion in iOS discussions. There was this Hipjot app which turned the limelight on third-party keypads in iOS but that was it. No rumors but consistent discussion followed by Apple telling all developers that now you can put in your own keypad!

iCloud Drive: File manager and iOS have not gone along so far and iCloud Drive doesn't change things drastically from an iOS perspective. However, for a Mac users, iCloud Drive is a big gift. We used to discuss and talk about file managers in iOS but that it appeared finally is a great sign. Apple is probably changing the way it interacts with feature requests.

Didn't Materialize

iTunes Radio: There was a lot of talk about iTunes Radio becoming a separate app. Nothing materialized. But we're not done yet: we can't be sure till the end of this year.