It looks like the leaked photos aren’t the last thing to come out before the original ‘budget’ iPhone releases sometime this year., a website unknown to us till now, has put up exquisite images of the iPhone “lite” – the rumored budget iPhone device from Apple – along with a hands-on video.

Here’s what the whole thing is all about: has apparently gained access to some of the shells of the iPhone “Lite”. We had written earlier about those leaked photos that showed multi-color budget iPhone shells and these were leaked photos only, from

Budget iPhone Image

The present leak, as you can see from the images and the embedded video, is not a leak photo. It looks like the real deal although we’ve got a lot of suspicion running around. For once, it’s just a case that could’ve been manufactured by any of the Chinese manufacturers who have a penchant for imitations.

iPhone LiteiPhone Lite ImageBudget iPhone PrototypeiPhone Lite PictureHow Budget iPhone Looks Like

You’ll also notice the iPhone Lite stacked atop an iPhone 5 and this is a clear example of how the budget iPhone looks in comparison to iPhone 5. The plasticity of the budget iPhone seems quite apparent along with the minimal design that gives away the speaker system which isn’t probably as good as the iPhone 5.

Apparently, the cases also have the display assembly while not featuring any other circuitry atop it. The report says that the bezels are thinner.

As to why this particular thing is important, we get to see the budget iPhone in a hands-on: well, of course it’s not the budget iPhone but this post is a clear example of what’s in store for the future.

Over here, we’re of the opinion that the budget iPhone release date will be sometime alongside iPhone 5S. This makes sense to us because the iPhone 5S, being a minor upgrade, won’t draw the crowds but a new device, cheaper by cost, might turn the tables in Apple’s favor.

Budget iPhone Video