RouteShoot is not a new kid on the block but it sure is one helluva app that is insanely cool.

RouteShoot – you guessed it by the name – is an app that lets you take videos of the route you travel. So whether you’re cycling, walking, jogging or skiing, you can shoot videos of the entire route you take. What’s the point?

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RouteShoot captures not just the video but GPS data and stats. This you can use to share your route with friends and family so they can watch the route both as a video and as a GPS track on the map! Talk about information with a “view” of sorts.

Routeshoot iPhone and iPad App

The best thing about RouteShoot is that it takes care of everything. You just have to record the video from your PoV and every time you stop recording, the videos get saved automatically to the cloud storage on RouteShoot’s website. As simple as it seems, there’s a ton of things you certainly can control.

RouteShoot iPhone app offers full front and back camera support so you can shoot the way you like. The map system is completely compatible with iOS 5 and 6 maps so you get a cool GPS tracking.

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Let’s see where RouteShoot can be useful:

  • When you’re walking along a picturesque locality and want to show the view to your friends
  • Showing the route to your house/college/workplace to someone
  • Simply, recording that skiing route!
  • Just for fun!

Fun or not, RouteShoot is a very useful tool especially if you are taking a route for the first time and would like to track your route yourself.

At its social best, you can share the videos along with GPS tracks on social channels like Facebook and Twitter. You can email the links to your friends too.

Talking about videos and GPS data/stats, it can get pretty heavy once you start using the app a lot. This means eating up a lot of memory. To avoid this problem, RouteShoot uploads everything to the server instead of keeping them on your iPhone. That’s both a boon and a minor disadvantage because you won’t be able to access them offline but that’s okay. Who’s not connected, anyway?

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RouteShoot is free.

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Download RouteShoot