Apple iPhone 11 Sales Likely to Be Unsatisfactory: Rosenblatt Securities

Apple is likely to launch its iPhone 11 with bilateral wireless charging and triple-lens camera features. But will this device generate more sales for Apple? According to Rosenblatt Securities, iPhone 11 sales will be disappointing.

Rumors can make or break the brand image of any corporation. Ahead of iPhone 11 (a name was unanimously given by blogosphere) launch, analysts from a renowned research firm predicted that the sales of the upcoming premium device will disappoint its maker.

This has severely affected the stock price of Apple. According to Rosenblatt Securities, sales of iPhone 11 will be disappointing, and services revenue will not see an upward curve.

Bilateral Wireless Charging & Triple Lens Camera May Not Attract Consumers

For the last couple of months, it has been rumored that Apple’s iPhone 11 is likely to have a triple-lens camera with excellent night photography feature. The ultra-wide lens will also provide a wider range of zoom.

When Apple released its iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR, people expected significant spec bump. However, nothing of the kind happened in Apple’s current series of devices. This year, people will look for some extraordinary features from Apple.

Apart from the triple-lens camera, iPhone 11 will have bilateral wireless charging; this feature will help users charge their AirPods by placing the case on the back of their iPhones.

Except for square camera bump, the external design of the new iPhone will remain the same as iPhone XS.

However, experts and analysts are not sure if the above features will lure customers to upgrade to iPhone 11. Readers must not forget that Apple missed its earnings guidance of XS and XR cycle; the two devices were not welcome by Chinese consumers – Apple’s primary market.

Analysts at Rosenblatt Securities also predict that iPad sales will also slow down as Apple has not released any model refresh for 2019 yet. Thankfully, iPad sales bounced back following completely redesigned iPad Pro and the release of iPad mini and iPad Air in early 2019.

The predictions from Rosenblatt have probably affected Apple’s stock, which fell 1.8% in premarket trading. The report from the research firm claims that Apple stock likely to fall to $150 in the next 6-12 months.

Apple Stock PriceDo you think the triple-lens camera on iPhone 11 will attract more customers?