It has been a while since our last app review which was about Wunderlist. Interestingly, I’m still occasionally using Wunderlist despite my misgivings about no Google Sync in that app.

In this review, we’re going to take a look at another game that has turned out to be slightly addictive. A game where you jump from one building to another and use your wits to make sure you reach farther, faster and without killing yourself.

Rope n Fly 3 Game for iPhone & iPad

You’ve probably heard about Rope ‘n’ Fly already. The latest installment to this simple but entertaining game, “Rope ‘n’ Fly 3: From Dusk Till Dawn”, is really impressive in its game-play: simple, elegant, addictive.

How I Stumbled Onto the Game

As always, there was this usual meandering through the top-selling, top-downloaded and other sections in the App Store when I stumbled across this little game. It was “Free” for a limited time but I don’t usually jump when I see that word. Nevertheless, I was running out of patience for Letterpress so I decided to give this game a try.

And I got hooked up pretty soon.

What I Like About the Game

The game is super simple: all it takes is a little physics and a lot of free time. Well, cut the last part. You can play games that last 30 to 60-seconds too! Or try to reach 500 or 1000 meters as fast as you can. The whole object is to jump from one building to another – all varying in height.

What I liked about the game is even though it’s simple, it makes you think. The gyro makes it easy to swing a lot and gain momentum which enables the jumper to jump higher or longer.

Sometimes, the game goes blank!

That’s one of the problems with the game and I think it’s an update issue. Rarely, but surely, the game goes blank in the middle of a game or when you press the home button right in the middle of gameplay. It’s a bug that a lot of users have faced. Other than this, the game is pretty decent and great.


  • Graphics are good to go. Way better than the previous version “Rope n Fly 2” which is free.
  • The game costs $0.99 right now.
  • You can change these settings:
  • Daytime: (Dusk, Dawn, Night(paid), Dynamic)
  • Character: Lots of them including Coco, Santa, Skully, R8, Zombie etc.
  • Rope: different types of ropes including a Light Saber (for $0.99) if you are a Star Wars fan.
  • Play Mode: choose from a variety of styles including free, 30-second, 60-second, 500/1000/2000 mts fly.
  • You can hang onto airplane and balloons too. Make sure you bail out before the airplane crashes.

Download: Rope’n’Fly 3 – From Dusk Till Dawn

Overall: 4
Interface: 4
Usability: 4
Entertainment: 4.5
Features: 3.5