Road Watcher iPhone App: Record Your Driving Experience

If driving is your passion, you would like to record your drives to store all memorable trips. Road watcher is an iPhone app that helps you record all your drives.

A dash camera can be useful for sincere drivers in many ways. Two of the biggest benefits of dash cameras are: you can record driving (if in case, you meet with an accident, you have evidence regarding what exactly happened on the road) and you can remember the route from where you have ridden your car. For those, who can’t remember intricate routes, this app can be a perfect companion.

But when it comes to the cost of such cameras, people put off the idea of having one on the dashboard of their cars. And they look for some alternative for dash camera. Thankfully, they have got Road watcher – a camera app that transforms your iPhone into a dash camera.

Road Watcher iPhone App Review

Road watcher iPhone App

With Road watcher on your iPhone, you can create an impression of a Russian style dash camera on your car’s wind shield. Install your device on your car’s wind shield, turn the app on and your device is turned into a digital video recorder.

Features Galore

This single app can be customized in many ways. The app offers you many options to use; record your drive in black & white or color, select the quality of video recorded on the app, also customize how long you want to record video. For speed demons, the app boasts a feature that sends alerts if the car crosses a certain speed limit. However, music lovers would be disappointed to know that the app doesn’t play music if the user has turned “Should record audio” feature on.

Click Picture While Video Recording

While driving through beautiful patches of roads, you may flirt with the idea of taking pictures on your device. But you are apprehensive that the video recording might get stopped. Not at all; you can easily click pictures and the video recording will not be disturbed. The picture will be saved in your photo library. Never worry about the video which is being recorded at a resolution you have fixed. But there is a sting in the tail; the app fails to stabilize the image, especially while you are “enjoying” a bumpy ride.

Locate Yourself on Map

While you are driving through an unknown area, you can get to know where exactly you are with the help of the map. Road watcher keeps track of where you are at a specific time; moreover, the app helps you locate the area where you were when a particular event happened.

Share/Save Video & Map

Once you record your driving video, you can share the same with your friends. It is just an experience of driving on a particular route that you can share with other people, who have developed a passion for driving. After all, some roads talkback after you burn rubber quite often. Save your videos on the Camera Roll or share it with the help of Share Sheet extension. The app has the facility to share just video, only the map or both files simultaneously.

Road watcher is quite easy to download from the App Store; the app is made for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. You should be running your device on iOS 7.1 or later. Since it is a paid app, you won’t be bombarded by ads or in-app purchases. You will need a dash mount for your iOS device.