Rivacase for Your MacBook: The Perfect Laptop Bag

Deviating from our usual take on iPhone and iPad accessories, we decided to test drive accessories built for the MacBook series. Today, we’ve been given a beautiful laptop bag: a shoulder bag that I’m quite envious of.

The Rivacase looks, feels and works every bit like one of those luxury bags you see in the marketplace. It is, to a large extent, quite professional and feels very luxurious. In a market where there are tons of designer laptop bags that are vying for attention, this one is every bit old-school but it’s professionally so.

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Bottom-line: The Rivacase laptop bag is for everyone.

RivaCase MacBook Bag Review

Build, Design and the Exterior

RivaCase MacBook Bag Exterior

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The Rivacase for MacBook (15″) that we tested was absolute best in terms of material and the build. Soft interiors protected the MacBook Pro while the exterior remained tough and sturdy. Like most other laptop bags, the Rivacase comes with a tough exterior that is also rugged for design aesthetic. The design allows you to slip in the MacBook easily and also take it out as easily.

The bag is quite light-weight for such a compartment-filled affair.

Durable MacBook Bag

Two zippers so you can open/close it in any way, strong handles and the shoulder strap that’s detachable makes for a comfortable handling and carrying.

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File Compartments

What’s really good about Rivacase is the file compartments. The bag comes with so much space besides that for your MacBook that you can literally take a lot of stuff with you in the bag. Little accessories like mouse, an additional mini keypad, cables, earphones etc. can be stashed into the bag without damaging them.

There are enough compartments to fit a lot of documents, files and other papers. The bag also comes with an external compartment to fill up with anything that you’d want to fill it up with.

As such, may be the laptop bag isn’t totally unique but the quality is top-notch; frankly, the best.

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Rivacase laptop bags are available for several laptop screens (ranging from 10-17) and are also available for netbooks and tablets of various screen sizes. The one we got was for any laptop with a 15.6″ or lesser screen size. It fits our MacBook Pro to a T.

Price: £37.95
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