Extra battery life for my iPhone has long been on top of my wish lists just like most iPhone or iPad owners. Though there are tons of highly advanced battery cases, power banks or battery packs with superior features, not all of them fit into my budget. While there are many options to buy a cheap battery case too, I’m afraid of spending precious money on a case that may not be good enough for my device.

As a buyer, you always want nothing less than the very best. And that's why finding the best is always a difficult task if not impossible. While hunting for a handy charging solution for my iPhone, I came across RioRand Battery Pack & Power Bank. It's wearable and looks look like a stylish watch or wristband. When I gave a look at its features, I couldn’t help trying it out.

RioRand Wearable Battery Pack & Power Bank for iPhone

RioRand Wearable Battery Pack & Power Bank for iPhone

2200mAh Li-Ion Polymer Battery

With 2200mAh battery, this battery pack offers a reasonably good charging solution to your iPhone. Though it is not powerful and doesn’t charge your device with lightning speed, it’s just does the fine job for you.

Output/Input Port

This wearable power bank comes with 5V/500mA USB input/output port to let you juice up your iPhone efficiently. Simply plug this battery pack to your device using the charging cable for an effortless charging. The power on/off indicator keeps you informed that your iPhone is being charged peacefully.

Charging and Playing SimultaneouslyRioRand Wearable Power Bank for iPhoneYou can comfortably interact with your iPhone while charging it. Needless to put your device away for charging, if you can effortlessly use and charge it simultaneously.

Compatible for Many iOS and Android devices

RioRand battery pack is compatible with many iOS and Android devices such as, iPhone 4, 4s5, 5s 6, 6 Plus, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy S3, 4, 5, Note, Nexus and more. It is not just versatile in terms of compatibility but also multi-tasking.

Should you decide to buy one battery pack for many devices, it can be a viable option.

Double Button Design

It features a double button design which lets you adjust this wearable battery pack comfortably. With a sporty feel and made-up, this power bank looks fashionable on your wrist.

As it is lightweight, you wouldn’t have any difficulty in wearing it as a wearable accessory.

Not a Bad Deal for the Money You Pay

Looking at all the pros and cons, this power bank seems to be a good deal for your money. If you are looking for a handy wearable battery pack for multiple devices at a low price, then it shouldn’t disappoint you.

Price: $39.99 [$29.95 on Amazon while we are writing this.]
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