Despite the ion-strengthened screen on your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, it's still likely that if you drop your iPhone, the glass might shatter or develop scratches. That’s why people still opt for a really good screen protector.

That’s why you need something like the Rhino Shield – an unbeatable, unmatched glass shield that can protect your iPhone 6/6+’s screen not just from scratches and accidental drops but from anything. It’s up for grabs at a 33% discount (just $19.99). Click here to grab it right now on iGeeksBlog deals or scroll down to read more about Rhino Shield.

Rhino Shield Strongest, Thinnest iPhone 6 6 Plus Screen Protector Ever

The problem with tempered glass screen protectors is that they’re too thick. For your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, you want something thin that merges with the screen. But the problem with thin, polymer screen protectors is that they can protect the screen only so much.

If there’s one screen guard that combines the power of a glass protector and the thickness of an extremely-thin screen guard, it's Rhino Shield. The Rhino Shield screen protector for iPhone 6 or 6+ brings a 5x scratch and impact protection that I've yet to see on most other screen guards. The drop-test videos are jaw-dropping-awesome because Rhino Shield seems like this unbreakable piece of thin film that can protect your iPhone 6 or 6+ no matter what.

Given that replacement parts for iPhone 6 / 6+'s screen would be costlier, it makes perfect sense to protect the screen with a guard/protector. And if you're doing that, Rhino Shield should be on top of the list of screen guards you want to look at.

Rhino Shield is strong enough to withstand all kinds of impacts on the phone’s screen. It protects far better than any screen guard of similar thickness. And I’ll go out on a limb and state that it protects the screen as good as any tempered glass protector if not better.

But most importantly, it's just 0.01″ thick. How about that?!

Rhino Shield usually costs $30. But on iGeeksBlog deals, you can grab it for just $19.99 for a very limited time.

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