When Apple introduced its Maps app in iOS 6, there was much dissatisfaction by users. This was in complete contrast to Apple’s image as producing world-class software. Apple Maps was infested with countless bugs, and its mapping directions were misleading.

Many users went astray after relying on the Maps. Probably, after a long slumber, Apple has woken up, and the brand is all set to overhaul the Maps app in iOS 12. Users will find an entirely new version, which has been worked out from scratch.

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Apple to Redesign Maps App

Over the years, Apple has made some improvements in its Maps app. However, the progress has never succeeded to change the user mindset and failed to replace rival apps like Google Maps and Waze. For users’ benefits, Apple always stresses upon research and development, and therefore, the tech giant will soon come up with a new software piece for users.

Apple is Revamping Maps App

It was Matthew Panzarino, who first raised an alarm that Maps needs fixing. Apple has decided not to rely upon third-party data to help users navigate. Instead, Apple has been using its library of map data collected by Apple vans that were running through cities for a couple of years.

The updated version of Apple Maps will be using the data collected by these vans, and now it seems that everything is coming up roses for this Maps app in iOS 12.

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According to some industry experts, Apple will rely on the millions of iPhones used for real-time data regarding road and driving conditions.

Apple is known to keep users’ privacy intact, and the Maps app will continue to hold this legacy. Apple is committed to delivering high-quality navigation, location and mapping product without using any personal data, a practice adopted by many other platforms.

The end user will get an updated Apple Maps that will have improved search results, better satellite imagery, and in-depth mapping information.

What is your way?

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Even an ardent Apple fan has to accept this fact that Apple took nearly six years to improve its Maps app so that it can challenge the stalwarts like Google. On the other hand, I would appreciate Appleā€™s ability to understand issues precisely, and then the way it painstakingly removes the problems to avoid any last moment bummer.

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Source: TechCrunch