Seemingly contradictory reports suggest that Apple could’ve been looking at non-retina iPad Mini 2 as had been rumored earlier. However, a report from WSJ appears to confirm that Apple is ordering retina components from Samsung, Sharp and LG to produce a retina display version of the iPad Mini 2 later this year.

Here’s more on the scoop behind all recent speculations:

It has been widely rumored and contested that Apple would only be unveiling a retina-less iPad Mini 2 this year owing to supply constraints, technological problems etc. This claim has often been debated because in the midst of high-res devices, the iPad Mini has already been left behind and Apple would not risk another non-retina device into the market.

iPad Mini 2 with Retina Display

More recently, Google’s Nexus 7 came up with impressive resolution spec.

Perhaps this is what set the stage for WSJ in reporting that Apple is shipping display components from Samsung to produce a retina display version of the iPad Mini 2. Expected launch is later this year – fall.

The report that sparked the non-retina iPad Mini 2 possibility last night is from 9To5Mac that referenced code in iOS 7 SDK. The code was found in a hidden file that listed all supported iOS devices for app developers. Incidentally, an iPad Mini 2 reference was unearthed leading to a few revelations.

The iPad Mini 2, as referenced by the code, seems to come in three variants (J75, J76, J77 are the codenames). There’s one Wi-fi-only and two cellular models. The processor is A6 – which is more or less a given – and this means the iPad Mini 2 will be faster, smoother and better in every aspect.

Then comes to clincher. All image references for the referenced iPad Mini 2 are non-retina only pointing to the possibility that Apple is testing a non-retina iPad Mini 2. Would this end up being the product that will be released this fall? Not likely, say experts.

That’s kind of obvious because releasing a non-retina device again would almost be disastrous to iPad Mini 2.

All said, the iPad Mini 2 is expected to be released this fall (October) but there are also speculations that Apple might push the release date to early 2014.