The “Reply with Message” and “Remind Me Later” features in iOS 6’s Phone app are new and most importantly, fantastic. The reason is they’re the features we’ve been waiting for a long time. It never really feels good to cut a call or ignore one without letting the caller know that you are busy with something.

The Phone app’s two new features are exceptionally well-crafted (but they aren’t unique. Doesn’t matter, anyway).

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We’ll talk about how the features work, and how to configure and use them.

Reply with Message and Remind Me Later iOS 6

Reply With Message

When Is It Useful?
You are in a meeting and someone important is calling you. You can’t attend the call but you want to let the other person know that you are not avoiding their call purposely. Or whatever the reason is, you want to tell the other person something. That’s when Reply With Message comes in:

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When someone calls you, tap on “Reply with Message” and you’ll have these options:

iOS 6 Reply With Message Options

  • I’ll call you later
  • I’m on my way
  • What’s up?
  • Custom…

The “I’m on my way” option comes as a very handy tool when you get calls from someone you are about to meet at the coffee shop.

Reply With Message also lets you type out your own message. This sure beats having to miss a call and then going all the way to messages to type out a message to the person.

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Remind Me Later

Remind Me Later is the new-age version of a butler helping you remember to return your friend’s call. It’s simple and it comes with some really powerful features too.

The options in Remind Me Later are:

  • In 1 hour…
  • When I Leave
  • When I reach home

The first option sets a time-based reminder (most preferable). It sets the reminder and pings you after the time has elapsed.

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The other reminders set up location-based reminders automatically, based on a list of your tagged locations. Of course, you’ll need to have Location Services enabled for this to work properly.