Why Removing Touch ID from iPhone 8 Could be a Big Mistake

Is Face ID a worthy replacement to Touch ID on iPhone 8? I don't think so given facial recognition is not as efficient and secure as the latter. But I would love to be proved wrong…

Frankly speaking, I’m very optimistic about the face ID with 3D sensors in iPhone 8. The so-called crown jewel of the upcoming iPhone has already put me on edge, and I just can’t wait to have a go at this all new feature that can unlock the device with lightning fast speed (a few hundred milliseconds)!

However, the one thing that slightly scares me is the removal of Touch ID. Knowing Touch ID is more secure than other biometric authentications, it wouldn’t be wise to scrap it.

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Why Removing Touch ID from iPhone 8 Could be a Big Mistake

Face ID is Too Glitch to be a Worthy Successor to Touch ID

I firmly believe that the face ID on iPhone 8 would be more shielded and efficient. But I am not convinced that it could be a fitting replacement to the Touch ID. When I look at some of the major drawbacks of facial recognition, I have serious concerns about security.

  • Face ID finds it hard to recognize a person if he suddenly goes clean-shaven or grows a beard.
  • If a person significantly gains weight, he will have to update his face ID.
  • In case of plastic surgery, a broken nose or different makeup, he will have to ensure the Face ID is updated to recognize the latest changes.
  • Lighting, pose, and image quality could drastically affect the accuracy face recognition.
  • Ralph Gross, a researcher at the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute, explains a major problem related to the viewing angle of the face: “Face recognition has been getting pretty good at full frontal faces and 20 degrees off, but as soon as you go towards profile, there’ve been problems.”

S8’s Flawed Facial Recognition Technology Scares Me

Not too long ago Samsung Galaxy S8’s facial recognition was fooled by a photo. It just goes on to show how vulnerable the technology could be.

“A few weeks ago, someone was able to fool the S8’s facial recognition with a photo of themselves. Still, the S8 will still warn you that facial recognition isn’t secure and could be tricked when you set it up. That’s a good move in theory, but in practice, it could confuse users.” – Business Insider

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Though I Completely Trust Apple to Come Out with More Effectual Face ID, I believe Removal of Touch ID Wouldn’t be a Smart Move.

I don’t say Touch ID is perfect. All I’m saying is that it’s more protective than other biometrical authentications including facial recognition. When there is already a huge call for further safeguarding the security, it wouldn’t be wise to give Face ID a numero-uno status on a personal device like iPhone.

I wish Apple, somehow, found a way to retain Touch ID on the iPhone 2017 as it’s an icon in itself. And I say it after having used it since 2013.

“The technology within Touch ID is some of the most advanced hardware and software that we’ve put into any device. The button is made from sapphire crystal—one of the clearest, hardest materials available. This protects the sensor and acts as a lens to precisely focus it on your finger. On iPhone and iPad, a steel ring surrounding the button detects your finger and tells Touch ID to start reading your fingerprint.” – Apple

Do you think Face ID will be a better replacement for Touch ID? Share your feedback in the comments below or Download our app and stay connected with us via FacebookTwitter, and Google Plus.

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