[UPDATE] If you have upgraded from iOS 8 to latest iOS 9, then we have good news for you. iOS 9 has a feature that does not track frequently visited site. Check the detailed guide on disabling frequently visited sites in iOS 9 Safari.

Safari in iOS 8 is better than anyone might have expected and one of the new features of Safari in iOS 8 is that it shows all the sites that you frequently visit on your iPhone or iPad. This is carried out automatically and short icons are accessible for your good. However, not every peculiarity is in addition to point. A few users may need to disable frequently visited sites in iOS 8 Safari.

How to Remove Frequently Visited Sites in iOS 8 on iPhone and iPad

Why would you want to remove Frequently Visited Sites from Safari?

The Frequently Visited Sites feature of Safari is incredible however it isn't really appreciable in case you're are a user who does not likes being tracked. To show the recently visited websites Safari keeps a track of what you browse on the web and this is the thing that alarms users.

One other conceivable reason is the smooth working of your gadget. The more information is put away, the slower is your gadget. What's more in particular, a few clients are not happy with having their frequently visited sites listed forefront in safari.

How to Remove Frequently Visited Sites from iOS 8 Safari on iPhone and iPad

By this point you may want to disable this gimmick. Fortunately, there are two ways that you can use. The first can be possibly done without needing to jailbreak your iOS 8 device and the second strategy requires your device to be jailbroken and permits you to totally disable the feature. Here we will talk about both, read on.

Method #1: Remove Frequently Visited Sites [Jailbreak not required]

  • Launch the Settings application.

iOS 8 Setting in iDevice

  • Tap on Safari.
  • Scroll down to choose Clear History and Website Data. Tap on Clear History and Data button again to proceed.

Remove Frequently Visited Sites in iOS 8 on iPhone and iPad

In spite of the fact that this will frequently visited websites in Safari, it will likewise dispose of the history and all other site data put away on your device. Also, you'll have to do this over and over at whatever point you wish to clear stored data.

Method #2: Disable Frequently Visited Sites [Jailbreak required]

  • Get Disable Frequently Visited Sites Cydia Tweak which is available for free from the BigBoss repo.

Disable Frequently Visited Sites Cydia Tweak

  • Open Cydia from Home screen and search for Disable Frequently Visited Sites package.
  • Install the package.

As soon as the tweak is installed, your device should permanently get rid of Frequently Visited Sites in Safari. You'll no longer need to clear Safari history over and over again. Let us know your opinions in the comments below.

Watch out how to use this tweak to remove frequently visited sites from Safari:

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