The Photos app in iOS 8 is a little more powerful than its predecessor. Whereas in iOS 7 you could add filters and crop and remove redeye, iOS 8’s Photos app includes sliders to edit Lightning/Exposure and Color. It’s a small step but a useful one at that.

What is even more interesting to note is that the edits are non-destructive: you can edit a photo as much as you want and there’s always a way to revert back to the original, unedited version of a photo. It’s an easy step but one that is not self-evident, unlike many of the features that are present in iOS 8.

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Removing Filters from Photos on iPhone and iPad in iOS 8

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Here’s how to remove filters and red-eye and other edits you made on a photo on your iPhone/iPad (in iOS 8, but also works with iOS 7):

  • Open the Photos app
  • Tap and open the photo you edited (that you want to revert back to original)
  • Tap on the Edit button (on top)

How to Remove Filters and Red eye And Other Edits on Photo on iPhone and iPad in iOS 8

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Now, depending on what edits you’ve made, you’ll just revert back:

To remove filters and color corrections and lighting changes, here’s what you do:

  • Tap on the filters icon
  • Tap on None to revert back to the normal filter-less photo
  • If you applied the auto-enhance filter (the magic-filter icon), the icon will be “blue” in color. Tap that again to remove the magic filter.

How to Remove Filters and Color Corrections on Photo on iPhone and iPad in iOS 8

(as noted, this will remove the filter effects you had applied along with reseting the exposure/color corrections).

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To remove red-eye:

The red-eye feature is great. It works somewhat magically at times. Again, this is a non-destructive edit so you can remove the red-eye filter.

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  • In the Edit view, tap on the red-eye-removal icon
  • Circles will flash momentarily in places where you had applied the red-eye tool. Tap on these areas again to remove the red-eye filter.

So that’s about it. As you can see, removing filters and edits is one of the simplest things to do on your iPhone/iPad.