A Better Way to Access Files Remotely on your iPhone/iPad

Remotely Access Files on iPhone and iPad with FileBrowser App

Being able to access files on your computer or NAS remotely from your iPad or iPhone is always something people look forward to. It complements the purpose of having an iPad – the sheer pleasure and productivity of being able to remotely access files from an iPad/iPhone is literally the thing that makes these devices so much more professional and powerful.

At iGeeksBlog we’ve taken a long look at remote desktop apps but as a standalone file browser, we’ve hardly thrown our glance at that space. Today, we break the ice with FileBrowser.

FileBrowser App: Better Way to Access Files Remotely on your iPhone/iPad

FileBrowser Remote File Access App for iPhone and iPad

For most folks who are already into this, FileBrowser would be a familiar name. But if you’re only now testing the waters and need an app that lets you connect your iPad or iPhone to your computer/PC/Mac/NAS or quite a bunch of other alternative storage spaces, FileBrowser gets our seal of recommendation.

Remote File Access App for iPad

First things first: it’s not a free app (there’s a lite version which is free), and judging by average App Store app price standards, it’s not cheap either. At about $6, most folks would put it on the right side of the cheap-costly spectrum. But it’s worth every penny you pay for. Here’s why:

You want a remote file browsing app to be easy to use

FileBrowser does that. FileBrowser makes it uber-simple to connect, access, share and do all the stuff that you want to do remotely.

You want to set it up easily

Fact is, FileBrowser does not come with any setup processes at all. You install it on your iPhone/iPad and armed with the IP address of your NAS drive/PC/Mac/TimeCapsule, you can connect directly. If it’s on the same network, FileBrowser does the job for you. That’s it.

All file transfers and data access takes place quickly

Of course, this depends on your router configuration and Wi-fi network speed but for most parts, FileBrowser doesn’t choke. It works seamlessly.


When you are remotely connecting over the internet (out of your network), FileBrowser aims to make it easy too (although I think it gets a little lengthy).

For most purposes, if you are going to be accessing files remotely from within your Wi-fi network (all devices connected to the same network), FileBrowser will get you started in seconds. And with enough features (like full-support for every iOS file format and most other formats too), it’s a solid app to use.

Price: $5.99

That’s all for now!

Give it a try and do share your feedback with us in the comment below.

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