To call Remora an iPhone case wouldn’t be apt. It’s more like a minimal appendage – a beautiful, crafty little one that can hold 2 credit cards and possibly a few bills. It’s a unique case – it can protect your iPhone just in case it lands on the lucky side of the case. And it can carry a couple of your loyalty cards / credit cards.

We received our Remora iPhone 5 case recently and needless to say, we were excited to try it.

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Looking at Remora cases online, it looks like it’s made of some elastic silicone rubber or something but it’s hardly anything of that sort. In fact, it turned out to be light-weight plastic and your first thought is: will this hold good? Turns out it does. Way better than what you expect.

Remora iPhone Case Review

One has to admit that fitting the case on your iPhone kind of feels tough. The case is built to be a tight-fit over your iPhone without actually hurting it. Once you fit the top region, you can just clamp shut the bottom part and it all fits ever so perfectly. Yes, you’ll need to apply a lot of pressure but that’s the deal. It fits tightly and accurately.

Remora Stylish iPhone 5 Case

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Going on to how the case looks and feels, there isn’t anything hugely different. But oh, there’s one important thing: you don’t feel like you’re holding something extra over the iPhone.

The Remora card case isn’t a full-fledged case as such so there’s room for two cards. We successfully added one more card too and it’s perfect. The cards are intact and have no chance of falling out. Well, truth be told, you can dance around with the iPhone and the cards won’t fly out.

Remora iPhone 5 Case

What we liked about the case was that it was a perfect fit. It’s not a full-case that’s for protecting the iPhone and nor is it one of those wallet-cases to carry everything. It’s a special case designed for people who don’t want a full-fledged, bulky case.

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Price: $17.00
For more information log on to

Video Walk-through of Remora iPhone Case

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