We write about Cydia tweaks a lot. I mean, we write about tweaks that are plain eye-candy to tweaks that are really functional (like VLC Gestures).

Even though we cover almost all kinds of tweaks, what interests me personally is tweaks that are innovative, that build on this intuitive level of usability that iPhone users crave for and tweaks that are smart. That’s why I’m excited to be writing about Reminisce.

There are some tweaks that make a lot of difference subconsciously to the way we use our iPhones. Like, NCSettings (which, I agree, is a simpler derivative of SBSettings). Or like BrowserChooser. Or Activator. Or KillBackground.

Or like Reminisce.

Reminisce Cydia Tweak

Reminisce is a Cydia tweak that lets you access recently-opened apps on your iPhone. It’s not an innovative tweak – Android has had this feature since the beginning. Interestingly, iPhone users have only had access to apps running in the background.

Given the feature, it’s how it is implemented that makes Reminisce really stand out.

You just have to swipe up/down on any screen and the screen parts to reveal five of the recently opened apps. It doesn’t matter if you quit those apps. Then, without lifting your finger off the screen, you swipe across to the app that you want to open. A small magnification effect not very different from the effect on OS X Dock (when you run the cursor over them) indicates the selection.

Reminisce’s behavior can be modified through settings. The developer says that on older devices, there might be a lag due to over-processed CPU. But our testing shows no such lag. It works smooth and just fine.

The coolest thing about Reminisce is, like Activator, it works anywhere. And that’s quite a feat considering how the screen splits up to show the apps.

Reminisce is available on the BigBoss repo for $1.99.