Burglars Dare Not Touch Apple Products During Break-Ins

Once again, Apple has proved that its devices are more secure than other smart gadgets available on the market. As the story goes, a Redditor posted that his house was burgled and burglars took everything aside from its MacBook Pro 15", iPad, and Apple TV.

Time and again, Apple devices have shown their usefulness in the life of owners. Yesterday, it was reported that Apple Watch saved a man from drowning. A week ago, fall detection feature on Apple Watch saved the life of an octogenarian. And now something surprising has surfaced.

According to a Reddit user, his house was burgled, and the robbers got away with some digital devices except for Apple products. This had startled CaptainDoStuff when he came home.

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Burglars Lift Everything Apart from MacBook, iPad, and Apple TV

The Redditor posted on the Apple subreddit, “My house was burgled today. They took everything apart from my Apple gear??”

CaptainDoStuff Redditor Shared Post Burglars Lift Everything Apart from MacBook, iPad, and Apple TV

Enlarging upon his post, he said that when he came home, his TV, Bluetooth speaker, laptop, Logitech headset, and computer bag were gone. But his MacBook Pro 15″, iPad, and Apple TV were untouched.

When he came to his senses, he could think of two options: either the thieves hate Apple products, or they are aware of Apple’s security features like Find My Mac.

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The Redditor notes that he was amused and amazed at the same time. The reputation of iCloud and other security tools of Apple products precedes them, and the burglars were apprehensive of lifting those stuff.

The entire episode proves that Apple packs strong security inside its devices, even burglars are afraid of stealing products like iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac, and Apple TV.

Notably, Apple has always improved its products and services in the areas of security and privacy. In its latest software update, Apple has enhanced privacy and security features; users now have got the option to share their location only once to an app. Moreover, apps cannot use WiFi or Bluetooth to “infer” your location.

Another significant inclusion in iOS 13 is Sign-In with Apple, which allows users to sign in with pseudo email address that is generated by Apple to protect your personal information.

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You can also ignore blocked senders in iOS 13. In case you don’t want to receive emails from a user, who keeps sending emails to your inbox, you can ignore such blocked senders. Add to this, you can silence unknown callers to avoid calls from strangers.

The privacy policy of Apple is so strong that Chinese smartphone brand Huawei follows in the footsteps of Apple’s privacy policy.

Do you use any Apple product? How is your experience with Apple’s security and privacy features?

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