Ryan Petrich’s DisplayRecorder, which sells for $4.99 on Cydia store has got a new competitor. And regardless of whether the competitor is good enough technically, it’s going to give Petrich’s tweak a run for its money because RecordMyScreen is free.

RecordMyScreen is a simple but a pretty good Cydia tweak to record your iPhone’s screen. I’m sure you’ve seen many of iGeeksBlog’s videos where we’ve used DisplayRecorder to record the screen of our iDevice. RecordMyScreen does pretty much the same thing.

The user-interface of this tweak is much different from that of DisplayRecorder. It’s more user-friendly and graphically different. However, I am not saying this as an added advantage because DisplayRecorder still wins when it comes to options.

RecordMyScreen Cydia Tweak

While DisplayRecorder works best when you’ve got Activator commands set for toggling recording of the video, in RecordMyScreen you’ve got to open the tweak in order to start recording. For some of us, that’s a stepback from productivity but I guess it doesn’t matter much.

An important feature that we miss on our copy of RecordMyScreen is the ability to merge video and audio right in the app. Under the settings, we’ve got the option of recording the screen and while recording, the audio track gets recorded into a separate .caf file. Seems pretty strange to me but may be this gives you more flexibility to edit the audio track separately.

There are not many options to configure: you can set the orientation for the recording, the audio and the video quality and you’ve got export options so it’s all pretty simple.

RecordMyScreen is a great tweak for newbie Cydia users and people who want to record their iPhone’s / iPad’s screen.

Repo: BigBoss
Cost: Free