Recoil Automatic Cord Winder: Most Proficient Way to Get Rid of Tangled Cords And Cables

Recoil Automatic Cord Winder is simply the most proficient in getting rid of tangled cords and cables. It is the perfect solution you can ask for if you are sick with disorganized lightning, USB and even headphone cables. Recoil cord winder three-pack is priced at $27.99.

The automatic cord winder generally comes at $9.99 excluding at least $3 shipping price. It features a spring-loaded code holder that lets it quickly spin up cables.

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The spring-loaded trigger works equally efficiently while letting you dispense the cables.

Recoil Automatic Cord Winder: Most Proficient Way to Get Rid of Tangled Cords And Cables

The automatic code winder comes in three sizes – small, medium, and large. The good-looking combo packs either contain one small, one medium and one large or two medium and one small cord winders.

They come with a durable plastic stand to let you keep the Recoils neat and clean.


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  • The spring-loaded trigger
  • Three sizes-small, medium and large
  • Plastic stand to keep Recoils

Easy To Wind

To spin up the cord or cable, just fold it in half, place the bend on the hook and pull the code downward and you’ve done it so easily! To detach it, grab the cords from the middle, pull upward, let the cords slide off when it is unbound and you are done! So simple.

No more mess

There are times; we are so annoyed to find the cables or cords lying restlessly disorganized. It becomes too frustrating when we have to spend a lot of time-solving their tangle.

Quite often, they are disjointed as well due to very complicated tangle. That’s where this Recoil cord winder can be pretty handy.

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If ultra-convenience is the right word to describe the way it functions, the code winder will more than just stand up to your expectation.

No more disorganized, tangled cords at the risk of being destroyed abruptly. You would have to say the Recoil cord winder is efficiently cool!

Price: $27.99 for combo pack, $9.99 for single winder.
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That’s all I had to say!

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