Rebtel iPhone App: Make Cheap International Voice Calls from Your iPhone

Rebtel is a new-age calling app that allows its users to make internet-free voice calls anywhere in the world. Explore the app and make the most of it.

There is a saying: There is no such thing as a free lunch. But there is such thing as free international voice calls. The word “Free” excites human brain, and it immediately “clicks” in this age of communication. So getting something free is like getting a free lunch.

Rebtel is an internet-free calling app that is becoming popular worldwide with its extraordinary features. The app allows you to make international calls to cell phones and landlines for dirt cheap rates. You can use Rebtel for making internet-free local calls for maximum quality and performance.

Rebtel Voice Calling iPhone App

Rebtel iPhone App Review

The app has a unique feature “Rebel Calling”, which is free for entire 2016; post that, you can subscribe to this feature at $1 per month, which is as good as free. When you register your number to Rebtel you get five minutes of bonus, you can use without paying any amount to Rebtel. Please note that Rebel Calling is available in a select few countries as of now.

Once you install the app, allow it to access some necessary things like Contacts and Location on your iPhone; after a few steps, the app will lead you to its beautiful interface, where you can see all your contacts imported by Rebtel, dialling keypad, Home screen, and Settings of the app.


After successful installation, users should explore Settings of the app, which is the last option in the bottom menu. On this screen, users will find their subscriptions, World Credits and other necessary details. Find bonus minutes, Call Setup, pricing etc. In Pricing section, you need to tap on All Countries if your country name is not in the list of three nations. Once you tap on All Countries, you can check your country and tap on the same. You will get different packages with price and minutes clearly mentioned on the screen. You can also add credits from the screen.

Earn some bucks by inviting your friends to Rebtel. Yes, Rebtel will offer $5 to you and your friend when you invite them to Rebtel. If you have received any voucher, you can redeem the same by tapping on Redeem voucher option; Payment settings allows you to enter the details of your credit/debit card and other essential information. Account activity clearly gives you details of calls you made; consequently, this section also gives you information of transactions, so that you get an idea about how much balance you have in your Account activity. From App Settings you can allow Rebtel to access Location, Contacts, Microphone etc.

After update…

Earlier, the app had certain issues, which have been now resolved in the latest update. Some of the major issues faced by Rebtel users were data calls cut off when leaving the app during a call; appearance of duplicate contacts in address book; Rebel Calling contacts were not appeared; the app didn’t display bonus minutes in account; and some Rebtel subscribers in Dominican Republic were not able to log in.


Even after assigning country, the app takes first two figures of a cell number as country code, and displays country name accordingly. For example, if you are from the United Kingdom and you have saved a few local cell phones without the country code, it will automatically take first two digits, which are not +44, as a country code and display the name of country, which holds that code. In my iPhone 6s, all the numbers starting from 98 are assigned as numbers from Iran.

Rebtel uses stable phone lines to connect calls; you can talk to your loved ones without any worry of bad quality of lines or call drop. Cheap rate is another major benefit of Rebtel; perhaps these could be the reasons why Rebtel enjoys more than one billion calling minutes every year.

Price: Free
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