Reasons Why Apple Rejects Apps From The App Store [Infographic]

Every day thousands of iOS app developers knock the doors of Apple App Store to register their apps. Some apps are accepted and some are rejected. For any app developer, developing apps is like running a blog; like a writer or a digital marketing expert, who runs his own blog to express his ideas, app developer visualizes his ideas in his apps. Moreover, apps provide common users an amazing world to access so many good things at gratis.

If we look at the statistics provided by statista, there are 2089293 apps active in December 2015; every day, the number is rising. About categories, gaming rules the roost among top ten categories. Others were Business, Education, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Utilities, Travel, Books, Health & Fitness, and Music.

Why Apple Rejects Apps

Top Reasons Apple Rejects Apps From the App Store

Monetizing from the app is secondary, but getting into Apple eco-system is an achievement for app developers. Perhaps this is why there are certain rules and regulations set up by Apple; if developers can make it to the app store, they make the grade as iOS developer.

But not all developers are lucky; rejections happen and there are reasons behind that NO from Apple. We have listed eight major reasons behind rejections of apps on Apple App Store. Developers should take a close look at these reasons so that they can design and develop their apps accordingly and minimize the chances of rejection.

Some of the common features of successful apps are user interface, proper placement of buttons and icons, load time, complete & relevant information etc. Go down to the details of this infographic and create a winning app for App Store.

Reasons Why Apple Rejects Apps on Apple Store

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Why Apple Rejects Apps

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Why Apple Rejects Apps
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