ReadQuick iPhone/iPad App: Learn to Read Faster While Covering Your Read-later Lists

At first, the way ReadQuick works sounds odd because frankly, how can you learn to read faster when the app shows you one word at a time?

That was precisely what I had in mind but it turns out that there’s some substance to the way ReadQuick works and it just seems to work towards improving your reading pace while letting you catch up on articles and posts from your reading list.

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ReadQuick merges two things into one: a read-later list consisting all the bookmarked stuff you want to read and a read-faster program that helps you become a quick reader.

Like many of the successful iPhone/iPad apps out there, ReadQuick’s ingenuity lies in how it solves the requirement in a simplistic fashion. ReadQuick could probably be the most efficient way to learn to read fast and also to catch up on all the stuff you want to read on the web.

ReadQuick iPhone/iPad App: Learn to Read Faster While Covering Your Read-later Lists

What happens when an app tries to club things, usually, is that it ends up doing nothing perfectly. The “jack of all trades” scenario doesn’t really meet the need. But ReadQuick seems to have hit the chord correctly. Here’s what I liked about the app:

#1. First off, it’s easy to use. There aren’t annoying or obtrusive features to disturb your reading process

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#2. Two, it has good Instapaper and Pocket integration which means it’s synced. You can also browse websites with the built-in browser

#3. Data: how many words, how long at your current reading speed, favorites saved within ReadQuick – there’s a lot of data to help you analyze your process

#4. Simple, no-nonsense interface.

One of the interesting little additions is the Timed Playlist which can help you through a bunch of stuff to read. Instead of missing out on articles or watching helplessly as your read-later piles up, you get to time yourself and convert reading into a game-like activity.

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The worst part of the app is that it can look very very odd to read one word at a time. The best part is that you’ll find your reading speed increase without you having tried any “technique” or “trick.”

ReadQuick is a smart solution that fits if you read a lot on the web and need to read them faster.

Price: $4.99
Download ReadQuick

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