ReachApp, the Cydia tweak for iOS 8 provides an unbeatable fun of Reachability. The tweak has been designed to let you not only view but also interact with two apps simultaneously. As it is still under development, you will have to wait a little more while before you can put your hands onto this insanely cool tweak made for your iPhone or iPad running iOS 8 or later.

ReachApp iOS 8 Cydia Tweak

If you don’t appreciate the Reachability feature that Apple has introduced in iOS 8, ReachApp seems to have packed in with enough quality to impress you. Here is a sneak peak of what this tweak has in store for you. Let’s take a look!

Split-Screen Multitasking

ReachApp will bring you an amazing experience of split-screen multitasking. You can see and use two apps at once with ease. No more hassle of jumping from one app to another! For an instance, you can compose an email while checking out the latest status of your friends on Facebook.

ReachApp Split Screen Cydia Tweak for iOS 8

How To Use ReachApp iOS 8 Cydia Tweak

Very simple.

#1. Open the two apps which you wish to use simultaneously. Make sure you open them back to back.

#2. Tap on the Touch ID sensor of your iPhone to invoke ReachApp.

(Generally, you tap on the Touch ID sensor to invoke Reachability.)

As soon as you launch the tweak, it will make the current app display and shift it down in order to reveal the last app which you were using in the background. A small grey bar will separate these two apps. The most interesting thing is that you can slide this grey bar up and down to view the two apps.

Having installed the tweak, you will find a simple preference panel in the default Settings app.

Still A Work In Progress

The tweak is still a work in progress as there are some bugs which are yet to be fixed. As for its utility, it has the great ability to provide you a unique way of using apps. I am sure you wouldn’t mind waiting a little while for this. And why not, your jailbroken iPhone 6 too would be itching for this enticing tweak.

Price: Free
Repo: Private (

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