RC Trackpad is tooted as the only “secure” trackpad app on the App Store and considering the features, it can very well be the finest remote mouse/touchpad app for your iPhone/iPad.

Remote touchpad/mouse apps that convert your iPhone's / iPad's display into a trackpad/touchpad/mouse are not just fascinating. They're extremely useful too. We've been looking at a few solutions and of all these, RC Trackpad does seem to be one that's filled with a ton of powerful and utilitarian features.

Unlike most remote mouse/touchpad apps available on the app store, RC Trackpad comes with a long list of gesture-support. If you're on the Mac, you know how important and useful gesture-based controls are. While most remote mouse apps eschew these gestures for want of a light-weight app that takes lesser time to develop, RC Trackpad seems to have taken the long route. There are about 20 gestures that you can produce on your iPhone/iPad and associate with 20 different actions on the Mac/PC. That's something really powerful.

RC-Trackpad - Remote Mouse App for iPhone and iPad

RC Trackpad is simple to set up once you've installed the free software that should run on your Mac/PC for the iPhone app to connect. For starters, if your iPhone/iPad is on the same network as your Mac/PC, the connection is made automatically. The app also searches for IP addresses automatically to make connections. That's not new.

In our tests, the app worked perfectly. There was no hassle in getting the app connected to the computer. Later, we tinkered around with the settings and that's where you are overwhelmed. If you are genuinely looking to use the iPhone/iPad as a mouse very frequently – and if you are a power-user of the Mac/PC – RC Trackpad has dozens of things to offer.

RC Trackpad also puts instant app launchers and window switchers which makes it easy for both Mac and PC users to be more productive.

Like a few other apps, RC Trackpad not only gets you a mouse/touchpad but also a powerful keypad. And of course a basic music playback control.

RC Trackpad has a lite version which is free. It's limited but it gives a glimpse of the app's potential. The app also has an iPad version.

Download RC Trackpad

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