From dawn to dusk, we are bogged down by countless household chores and other tasks, during which our smartphone doesn’t get our attention. Though messages and alerts keep buzzing, we may not be able to check or pay enough attention. Some activities like driving, riding on bicycle or getting our hair cut keep us unproductively busy. Doing exercise at gym can be fruitful for our physical fitness, but what about checking WhatsApp messages, Facebook status updates of our friends, and emails flashing on the screen.

How about a smart device that allows you to respond to your friends & other contacts while driving or biking? Project RAY has come up with a smart solution. Here is RayGo – the no-look-no-touch driving solution.RayGo Bluetooth Controller Device and App

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What is RayGo?
RayGo is a super-cool Bluetooth controller & app that allows you to access all your favourite apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, Gmail, Skype and more while you are driving or riding on bicycle. RayGo is connected with your smartphone via Bluetooth and the device can be mounted on your steering wheel or on the handlebar of your bike. Now you can easily reply to messages on different social media or messenger apps.

How it works?
RayGo is equipped with DriveMode that helps the device convert your favourite apps to driving mode. DriveMode is a simplified version of all your favourite apps; this DriveMode helps you use your apps without even looking at your phone while you are driving. With 5-key Bluetooth controller mounted on your steering wheel, you can easily access and reply to all your messages. Up and Down key take you to the menu option; left is go back and right key is to enter or give any voice command.

OS & App Compatibility
RayGo is compatible with Android phones; however, the team RayGo is working hard to make it compatible with iPhone. As far as apps are concerned, RayGo is compatible on your Android phone with Line, Viber, Text, Email, Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Spotify, Pandora, Rdio, Calendar, Yelp and Phone Calls. On iPhone, RayGo supports reading of notifications aloud. The team will launch the full version for iPhone in couple of months.

Language Support
RayGo supports international languages viz. US English, UK English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Russian, Portuguese, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Turkish.

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Special Features
RayGo boasts host of other features & facilities. It allows you to keep your phone in bag or pocket; it replaces complex graphics with voice commands/prompts; RayGo keeps uniformity with all apps, i.e. it works in the same manner with all apps; RayGo can sense when the driver is busy and therefore, pauses notifications & messages; it speaks slower when necessary; this Bluetooth controller + app is meant for both users – left-handed and right-handed; users can fit the device on either side and it will update the key mappings according to its orientation.

RayGo Bluetooth Controller Device Demo

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Read more at their IndieGogo campaign page.