Rainbow – iOS 8 Keyboard App With 12 Colourful Themes

Besides being a handy keyboard for iOS 8, Rainbow seems to be colorful statements for those who wish to give an all new look to their iPhone/iPad keyboard. The custom color keyboard lets you customize keyboard by your choice of color.

Equipped with some useful features, Rainbow keyboard is a fashionable luxury you would like to have. Though there is nothing much you can miss about it, it can certainly bring plenty of colors to your iPhone/iPad keyboard. Let’s dive in to have a look at the features!

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Rainbow iOS 8 Color Keyboard App

12 Colorful Themes
The 12 colorful themes will let you design your iPhone/iPad with any color you want. So, you have the luxury to customize the color of the keyboard in matching with the colour of your clothes. However, only 6 colorful themes are free. If you want to unlock all the 12 themes, you will have to make a one-time payment of $0.99.

Rainbow Color Keyboard App for iPhone and iPad

Familiar Layout For Both iPhone And iPad
The layout of the keyboard is the same as a standard keyboard.

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Auto-capitalization will work just as it works on a standard keyboard.

Same Audio feedback As The Standard Keyboard
You will have the same audio feedback while typing on it as the standard keyboard. However, you can disable it from settings.

Special Characters Are Displayed
When you tap on a key, special characters will be displayed.

Option To Display Letters In Lower Case
While typing if you want all the options to be displayed in lower case, you have the option to do so.

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Key Gets highlighted to show your selection
When you tap on a key, it will get highlighted to show your selection.

Regarding features, it is very much like a standard keyboard. The only thing that will make you want it is the multiple colourful themes made to make your iPhone/iPad keyboard look stylish. It is compatible with all iPhone, iPad or iPod devices which support iOS 8 or later.

How To Set Up Rainbow Keyboard App

You can set up the Rainbow keyboard on your iPhone/iPad/ running iOS 8 or later with a few simple steps. Here you are!

Step #1: Launch Rainbow app

Step #2: Tap on the keyboard you want to select

(First 6 colorful themes are for free.)

Step #3: Launch Settings on your device

Step #4: Tap on General

Step #5: Scroll down and tap on Keyboard → Tap on Keyboards.

Add Rainbow Keyboard to iPhone and iPad in iOS 8

Step #6: Tap on Add New Keyboard

Step #7: Tap on Rainbow

Step #8: You will see Rainbow-Rainbow” in the keyboard list

Rainbow Keyboard for iPhone and iPad in iOS 8

Step #9: Allow Full Access by turning on the switch

Allow Full Access to Rainbow Keyboard in iOS 8

That’s all! You can visit RainbowKeyboard.com for more information.

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Price: Free (In-app purchase)
Download Rainbow

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