If you’ve ever wanted to have Android-style gesture-based actions for contacts (calling, message etc.), there’s a new Cydia tweak in town. It’s called QuickGestures and it will help you make calls, send messages and emails to any contact in your Phone book just through swipes and tapping and holding.

QuickGestures is one of those simple but powerfully useful tweaks that makes something easier.

When you want to call a person, you go to the phone app, look for the contact and then tap on the number. When you want to email a person, you go to your email app. When you want to send a message, you go to the Message app and then tap on the new message ‘+’ and then enter the name of the person in the recipient field.

QuickGestures Cydia Tweak

All that is okay because you’ve gotten used to it. How about being able to send a message or make a call or send an email right from the Contacts?

Of course, that sounds pretty simpler. Instead of having to do a lot of work, you’re going to just swipe (or hold) a contact and you get these actions. That’s thanks to QuickGestures.

The tweak basically is configurable to include more actions. For instance, you can change one of the swipes or long-press actions to activate Facetime. (or any other feature involving a contact).

By default, this is what you can do:

  • Left-swipe on a contact to send a message.
  • Right-swipe on a contact to call
  • Long-press to send an email

Of course, the color changes and there’s an icon that shows what action is about to be performed when you swipe left or right. The developer says you have to make sure contacts don’t have the same name.

QuickGestures is on the BigBoss repo and will cost you $0.99.