Photos are taken for several reasons; some want to create lasting memories, some want to satiate their own hunger to be photographed, and there are people who simply want to share joy.

There could be any reason for you to capture photographs, but at the end of the day, your iPhone memory receives hundreds or perhaps thousands of pictures. But how can you manage so many photos, especially when you want to walk down that memory lane? Finding your special memory from thousand photos is like finding a needle in a haystack.

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Quickly Find Images and Photos on iPhone in iOS 9

Well, iOS 9 gives you the quickest way to find images in Photos app on your iPhone or iPad.

When iOS 9 was released, we have already noticed that Photos app was improved with separate folders for Selfies and Screenshots apart from the two existing folders namely Camera Roll and My Photo Stream. This has facilitated users in many ways as they could easily spot their selfies and screenshots in separate folders.

Further, iOS 9 has got an excellent feature: quick photo scrubbing. This feature allows you to quickly glance over hundreds of photos stored in Camera Roll, My Photo Stream, Selfies or Screenshots.

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Find Your Photos Quickly on iPhone and iPad in iOS 9

  • Open any album: Camera Roll, My Photo Stream, Selfies or Screenshots.
  • Tap on any photo.
  • You can see a photo scrub bar right between the photograph you have opened and icons to Share, Favorite and Delete.
  • Now scrub that bar with your finger to left or right to search the photograph you need to see.
  • One by one, you can quickly see all your photos. If you have favorited any photo or photos, you can directly go to the Favorites folder.
  • This feature enables you to quickly glance through all your photos; and when your favorite image passes through, just take your finger off. Now you can view and share the same image.

Find Photos on iPhone Easily and Quickly

  • iOS 9 allows you to search your photos month wise; tap on Find button and you can see month & year option below the search bar.

Search Photos on iPhone

Now, you can go back and check photographs taken a year back; find some interesting pics and share with your family and friends.

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