Forget Vine. It’s just for curious cases where the only purpose is entertainment. Download Questions – Ask & Answer. This is the real deal.

The idea of a few-second videos uploaded to a social hub isn’t new. Vine did make it very popular by their implementation and design. But the bottom-line is that Vine is another social hub with a lot of fluff and distraction. Some choose to call it entertainment.

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But Questions – Ask & Answer is one of the most creative, sensible and useful ways of leveraging the popularity of short video content. And in fact, it’s got me hooked to it already. I am going around answering questions posed by people in short ten-second video clips and asking questions in the same format.

Questions-Ask & Answer iPhone App Review

Questions – Ask & Answer is a fantastic way to ask the questions that you’ve been wanting to ask someone. With a global reach, several hundred thousand people are going to see your question, a few of them are going to answer. The twist is that everything is in 10-second videos.

Questions-Ask & Answer iPhone App

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Basically, the app rocks. Like I said, I’m already hooked to it.

  • The app has categories so you can filter out stuff that you don’t want to see and only look at questions that are relevant to your interests.
  • You can instantly connect with your Facebook account and enable auto-posting (configurable every time you post a question/answer).
  • There’s the concept of followers/following so it’s more of a social hub than you can imagine.
  • Follow people who ask / answer a lot. Become a popular expert on the app.

The iPhone’s front/back camera can be used to record your questions or answers. You get to review the recording before you post – so you can retake if things aren’t looking good. Also, most importantly, the interface is so intuitive and easy-to-use. It just takes a couple of seconds to become familiar with everything on the app.

If you’re using Vine, fine but make sure you end up using Questions – Ask & Answer too because this is one of the best ways to actually spend some time online. Funny cat videos are great but what’s even better is knowledge. And Questions – Ask & Answer nails it right with its unique 10-second video Q&A app.

Download Questions

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